Learn and Master is an award-winning multi-media series, offering a comprehensive home learning system, progressing from beginner to advanced levels of skill and expertise. With professional instruction in an easy-to-use DVD-based format along with play-along CDs, an instruction book, and online support, this package will guide aspiring dancers every step of the way. Learn & Master Ballroom Dance is designed for those who want to learn ballroom dancing from the ground up. Imagine starting with the basics and progressing through intermediate and advanced levels of ballroom dance all with one easy-to-use program. Just follow along with the systematic exercises, complete them at your own pace and on your own time scheudle - and you'll become a well-rounded, highly skilled and versatile dancer! The set includes: 26 complete sessions on 13 instructional DVDs, 75+ page lesson book, six dance-along music CDs with corresponding styles, online support community, and more! Total running time 17.75 hours.