There are a lot of choices in student trumpets, and it is important to select one that fits the budget, but that also gives the student an instrument that works as it should, and that it has an appearance a child will be proud to own. The Lauren LTR100 Series Student Bb Trumpet offers a truly playable instrument at an affordable price. It features a brass lacquered finish, nickel-plated keys and monel valves. A 1st valve slide thumbhook and 3rd valve slide ring complete the features list. 26.4 mm bore and 110 mm bell length.

Includes a plush-lined ABS case, valve oil and instrument cleaning cloth.
  • Brass lacquered finish
  • Nickel-plated keys
  • Monel valves
  • 1st valve slide thumbhook
  • 3rd valve slide ring
  • 26.4mm bore
  • 110mm bell length
  • Plush lined ABS case
  • Valve oil and cleaning cloth