The LaChapell Audio 503 is a high-end, boutique EQ for 500 series rack formats. Just like the EQ that's built into LaChapell's 583e EQ and tube preamp combo, the 503 is an ultra-clean, transformerless 3-band EQ with a very low distortion signature and minimal phase deviation. It sounds extremely clear and transparent, but where the 503 differs from its counterpart is an increased cut/boost range to +/- 12dB, a low pass filter at 50k and 10k, a high pass filter at 50Hz and 150Hz and a +/- 6dB overall trim gain stage.
  • Cut/Boost range increased to +/- 12dB
  • Low pass filter at 5k & 10k
  • High pass filter at 50hz & 150hz
  • +/- 6dB overall trim gain stage

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