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Korg Wavedrum Drum/Percussion Synthesizer

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Start with a real drumhead that responds naturally to brushes, sticks, mallets, or even your bare hands. Add in a sensitive acoustic transducer, advanced DSP synthesis, and hundreds of superior samples. The result is the astounding Korg Wavedrum. Delivering accurate and imaginative sounds from around the globe, Wavedrum creates an interactive, orga...  Click To Read More About This Product

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Start with a real drumhead that responds naturally to brushes, sticks, mallets, or even your bare hands. Add in a sensitive acoustic transducer, advanced DSP synthesis, and hundreds of superior samples. The result is the astounding Korg Wavedrum. Delivering accurate and imaginative sounds from around the globe, Wavedrum creates an interactive, organic, and spellbinding playing experience that no trigger-based system can match.

The affordable 2nd generation Korg Wavedrum is sonically richer, more sensitive, and packed with enough power and expression to create its own musical legend. The Wavedrum's wide dynamic range mimics that of an acoustic drum. Wavedrum responds perfectly to your action, from subtly nuanced tapping and stroking to aggressive, repetitive strikes.

The original Korg Wavedrum amazed the world back in 1994. This legendary musical instrument was instantly famous for its innovative design, performance possibilities, and unique sounds.

Now the Korg Wavedrum's broad variety of sonic offerings ranges from traditional acoustic percussion instruments to new and unique percussive sounds. With Wavedrum, instruments that normally require special techniques to play, such as the tabla, or conga, can be played with ease. In addition, Wavedrum establishes its own way of playing, granting you unparalleled levels of expression, full of originality and depth.

Compact and lightweight in design, Korg Wavedrum is ideal in all performance situations”from casual playing through to a full-on recording session or a live concert performance.

Totally unique sounds and innovative ways to play open the door to new musical journeys.
The Korg Wavedrum delivers inspiration and satisfaction to creative percussionists seeking new realms of expressiveness and sounds. Moving beyond traditional drum and percussion sounds, Wavedrum also provides totally new and unique sounds that are not available in the real world, and offers new ways of playing to achieve new levels of musical expression.

With a Korg Wavedrum, you can change the pitch randomly with each hit, or play melodic phrases by choosing a musical scale and applying pressure to the head. Traditional hand-drum techniques, such as adding pitch and tonal changes to a strike by pressing the head, were previously unobtainable on an electronic instrument.

Korg Wavedrum processes and responds to these intimate performance gestures as no other percussion instrument can. These same techniques provide a wealth of performance possibilities. For example, Wavedrum can produce sitar and tambura sounds at the same time. You can produce tambura sounds alone by hitting the head, adding the sitar sounds by applying pressure to the head before hitting it. Applying further pressure can change the pitch of the sitar continuously within the selected scale.

These and other performance characteristics are unique to the Korg Wavedrum.

Multiple sensors and playing techniques deliver previously unimaginable expressiveness.
Acoustic percussion instruments produces sound naturally, in direct response to a physical impact, be it gentle or abrupt. Wavedrum, although an electronic musical instrument, adheres to this same physical concept. The head and rim pickups are directly used as a sound source to be processed by the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms, and also trigger the PCM sound engine. Together with the pressure sensor under the head, the Wavedrum responds to all of the percussionist's subtle finger and hand motions (hitting, rubbing, scratching etc) as well as to the traditional hand drum techniques of open shot, slap shot, heel and toe, mute, etc. Of course, the Wavedrum also responds to other playing materials such as sticks, mallets, and brushes. The rim has 2 types of notches, small and large, and these can be used to get a tremolo type effect by scratching with sticks, etc. Combing the rim sounds with the head sounds can create an even richer, more original performance.

Innovative technology combines DSP synthesis and PCM samples
The Wavedrum contains 36 DSP algorithms to realize a variety of synthesis methods; analog, additive, non-linear, physical modeling, etc. Working with these algorithms, you can create various instrument sounds, natural sounds, or purely synthetic sounds”in addition to Wavedrum's own unique sounds. Certain DSP algorithms allow you to assign a different DSP method and PCM instrument to the head and to the rim. In other algorithms, the velocity and tone of the strike are used to control the PCM sound, delivering a playing experience rivaling that of an acoustic instrument. The PCM sound engine”the other important part of Wavedrum's sound creation system”contains 200 PCM sounds; 100 for the head, and 100 for the rim. Combining the PCM sounds with the DSP algorithms delivers a natural response far beyond the reach of PCM only instruments.

Treat yourself to a cavalcade of rare ethnic percussion instruments from around the world.
Wavedrum begins with a foundation of traditional pop/rock drum sounds such as snares, kick drums, tom toms, and more. Wavedrum also contains a wealth of percussion sounds from many eras and cultures. Ethnic percussion instruments, although seemingly simple in structure and performance, are capable of expressing the emotions of a culture. These include popular percussion instruments such as cajons, congas and tablas; metallic instruments such as cowbells, and triangles, along with rare ethnic percussion sounds. With Wavedrum, you have instant access to instruments such as the udo, a clay pod percussion instrument; the jegog, a bamboo gamelan marimba from the island of Bali; a talking drum from Africa, gongs, and many other instruments that often require special playing skills. Not strictly limited to percussion sounds, Wavedrum includes stringed instruments such as the sitar, koto, and berimbau as well. For every sound, Wavedrum adds its own new modes of expression, in addition to faithfully re-creating the original sounds.

Enjoy 100 preset programs; create 100 programs that are all your own
The 100 preset Wavedrum programs range from high-fidelity emulative drum and percussion sounds to a world of new and unique sounds. There is a range of parameters available for editing and tweaking to create new user programs to suit your own music or style of playing. In addition to making changes to pitch, decay time, loudness, reverb, delay, and curve (intensity) of the pressure sensor, etc., you can completely alter the sound by, for example, changing the head material parameter from skin to metal. The combination of DSP and PCM sounds can also be changed to create totally new sounds from scratch. These new programs (up to 100) can be stored in the user area. The Wavedrum also has a Live Mode, which can store up to 12 favorite programs (from preset or user programs) for selecting programs instantaneously during stage performance.

Jam-along functions for added fun.
Sure, you can enjoy the Wavedrum just by playing the sounds alone, but Wavedrum has some special features that provide jam-along abilities for fun or practice. Wavedrum contains 100 loop phrases from various musical genres so you can simply join in. Using the AUX input, you can mix in the signal from any audio source “ CD, MP3 player, or even an additional Wavedrum.

Ready, Set, Go
Portable, compact, and lightweight, Wavedrum is ready for any musical outing. Hold Wavedrum on your lap, or play it standing like a hand drum. Place Wavedrum on an ordinary snare drum stand, or add Wavedrum to any electronic or acoustic drum kit. Use Wavedrum as part of a DJ setup, or add a percussive element to your keyboard rig. With the optional high stand (Percussion Stand ST-WD), Wavedrum is the ideal accent for any vocalist or front person. Using the headphone output allows you to practice in private, anytime, anyplace “ without fretting about the neighbors!


2nd Generation Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer provides unparalleled expressiveness
Innovative technology combines DSP synthesis and PCM playback
2 playing surfaces”traditional drumhead and advanced rim areas”offer unprecedented expression and a familiar feel with hands, sticks or mallets
Transducer pickup and pressure sensor system responds to every performance nuance and gesture and every playing style
100 preset programs offer traditional drum and percussion sounds, plus new and unique sounds
100 user programs for storing customized sounds and settings
Live Mode stores up to 12 favorite programs for instant recall
100 loop phrases of various genres allow Wavedrum users to jam along
Headphone output for silent practice
AUX input allows the monitoring or mixing in of any audio source; CD, MP3, even a second WAVEDRUM!
Versatile, compact, lightweight design; use as an individual instrument, or mixed in with a traditional kit, or any performance/percussion rig
Dimensions: 75(H) x 349(W) x 344(D) mm / 2.95"H x 13.74"W x 13.54"D
DSP algorithms: 36 Total
PCM instruments: 200 Total; 100 Head, 100 Rim
Programs: 200 Total; 100 Preset, 100 User
Loop Phrases: 100
Effects: Reverb, Delay
Panel Controls: Volume, Bank/Mode/Page select, Program/Parameter select, Value control, Write
Input/Output jacks:
Output L, R (Monaural phone jack),
Phones (Stereo mini phone jack),
AUX IN (Stereo mini phone jack)
Display: 3-character 7-segment LED
Sampling frequency: 48kHz
A/D, D/A conversion: 24 bit
Power supply: DC9V 1.7A
Dimensions: 349(W) x 75(H) x 344(D) mm / 13.74"(W) x 2.95"(H) x 13.54"(D)
Weight: 2.0 kg/4.41 lb.
Included items: AC Adapter, Tuning key, Allen wrench
Options: Replacement Head HD-WD, Percussion Stand ST-WD
Pro Coverage
Manufacturer's Warranty
USA Warranty Policy

All Korg products purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original consumer purchaser as listed below:

Labor: 1 Year
Parts: 1 Year

Exceptions: Tubes, AC Adapters, Foot Switches: 90 days

Warranty Requirements and Limitations:

-Proof of Warranty - The customer must provide proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service. The dated sales slip or copy thereof is the only acceptable proof of purchase.

-The product must be purchased from a Korg USA authorized dealer and have a valid serial number.

Damage resulting from the following causes are excluded from the warranty set forth above:
-Misuse, including damage occurring during shipment, damage caused by battery leakage, accident, fire, unauthorized repairs, tampering, cosmetic damage or other types of damage which are the result of improper handling or abuse.
-The cleaning of controls or contacts due to exposure to dirty, dusty, or otherwise contaminated environment.
-Damage resulting from modification.
-Damage to units used for loan or rental.

Register online and extend your warranty!
Register your new Korg keyboard, keyboard rack module or digital piano online and receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase.

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KorgWavedrum Drum/Percussion Synthesizer

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Korg Wavedrum

By Henrik

from Beavercreek, OR

Comments about Korg Wavedrum Drum/Percussion Synthesizer:

First let me start off by saying this drum is amazing! If you put this drum set to snare and a regular snare drum in front of me and I was blindfolded I could never tell the difference. This Drum feels real and sounds real. the only thing that makes this drum different from a real drum is the countless effects stored inside of it like ambiancem, delay, and my favorite, Pitch bend which works by rolling your hand across the real drum head. this drum will certanly add color to any one's drum setup acoustic or electric. I costantly Switch it between my acoustic, Electric And Hand Setup.

(7 of 8 customers found this review helpful)



By Brennan

from rochester,ny

Comments about Korg Wavedrum Drum/Percussion Synthesizer:

this drum is has so many sounds that sound so real. the drum is super responsive in all areas. it is really easy to use if you read the manual.people say the manual is too detailed, which isnt true unless you have the IQ of 42. it is a lot of fun to play with is great in any setting. it is durable and very high quality too. Definate 5 stars! you will never regret purchasing one!

(4 of 5 customers found this review helpful)


Not what I thought but way cool.

By James Jacobs

from Amarillo TX

Comments about Korg Wavedrum Drum/Percussion Synthesizer:

The GC in my city doesn't carrie this product so I made my purchase based on specs, reviews and you tube vids. I got my Wavedrum about an hour before work and quickly plugged it into my stereo for a test drive. My first reaction to it was very disappointing. This thing has got to be the loudest electric drum on earth and to make things worse it sounds like a wet cardboard box. If you live in an apartment or have room mates you probably want to get something else. It also has the action of a cardboard box. It clearly has tuning lugs and comes with a tuning key but it isn't tunable. These things are only used for changing out the head. That last realization really bummed me out and honestly made me feel like I had been lied to. All that being said, I got home from work that night and of course played with it some more only it was late so I plugged in some headphones and that made all the difference in the world. With some cans or a loud enough sound system to mask the tacky whack thack whack of the acoustic end of this instrument it becomes a whole nother animal. Very responsive, very expressive, great sounds and if I understand right some very extensive editing capabilities. Just a joy to play. This thing is probably never going to be the snare I wanted to turn it into, but hey, that's not what it is. What is it? It's hard to say but it's crazy cool enough that I'm not returning it. My biggest regret is not being patient enough to wait FOREVER for the oriental edition. Bottom line, 5 or 6 bills is enough to cause most people buyers remorse so do what you can to get to a store that has one you can play with first. I think you'll probably end up taking it home.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


wavedrum has soul

By rob reiner

from pompano beach, fl

Comments about Korg Wavedrum Drum/Percussion Synthesizer:

I have found in the past that alot of synthetic sounds sound cold and are often mechanical. example { the fuggies drum in killing me softly}.but the wavedrum has the capability to express how you feel when you play has the warmth of the congos and the the touch sensitivity allows great expression..finally a instrument that can make music sound better.

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