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The KRK ROKIT RP103 G4 10" 3-Way Powered Studio Monitors offer an unparalleled combination of power, precision and performance. The fourth generation of KRK's renowned ROKIT line, these monitors feature a tri-amped, three-way design with high-grade Kevlar transducers and efficient Class D power amplification. With a built-in limiter, LCD EQ, and the KRK Audio Tools app for room correction and speaker placement, the RP103 G4s provide studio-quality sound for recording, mixing and mastering in any environment.

High- performance Kevlar Drivers

At the heart of the RP103 G4 are proprietary low-distortion Kevlar woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters, matched to work in perfect harmony. The rigid, lightweight Kevlar material provides exceptional transient response, clarity and detail over a wide frequency range.

Powerful Tri-Amped Design

Three separate power amplifiers—one for each driver—deliver 150W to the woofer, 75W to the midrange and 30W to the high frequency tweeter. This tri-amped configuration ensures each driver receives exactly the right amount of power for optimal performance.

Built-in Protection and Room Optimization

A built-in brickwall limiter provides overload protection to prevent distortion, while maintaining balanced sound and wide dynamics. The KRK Audio Tools app allows you to optimize the RP103 G4s for your room's unique acoustic properties using a 25-band graphic equalizer, adjust crossover points, set subwoofer levels, check polarity and more. You can even use the app's signal generator to calibrate speaker levels and create an ideal listening environment.

Sleek Design, Superior Components

Housed in a sturdy yet stylish enclosure, the RP103 G4 features high-density acoustic foam pads to decouple the cabinet from the surface, front-firing bass reflex ports for powerful low-end extension, and premium components throughout. With unparalleled power, precision and customization options, the KRK ROKIT RP103 G4 10" 3-Way Powered Studio Monitors deliver professional-grade performance for any studio.

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  • Professional-grade 10" (tri-amp) studio monitor designed and engineered in the USA
  • Matching 10" and 4.5" woofers, and 1" tweeter all made with Kevlar
  • Incredibly powerful and versatile speaker system—great for all sound productions
  • Rotatable 4.5" and 1" speakers for both vertical or horizontal applications
  • Built-in efficient Class-D power amp
  • Proprietary speaker drivers built in-house from the ground up
  • Onboard LCD visual DSP-driven EQ
  • 25 visual graphic EQ settings for different environments
  • KRK App with Room Correction Tools
  • Scientifically designed high-quality/low resonance speaker enclosure
  • High-density acoustic Iso foam pads for improved clarity
  • Newly designed Brickwall Limiter automatically engages at maximum amp level
  • Wide, deep and dynamic listening "sweet spot" with incredible imaging
  • 3D soundstage creates incredible realism and depth in your mix (width, depth and height)
  • Optimized high-frequency wave guide
  • Great for all functions of music creation from production to mixing to mastering
  • Front-firing port with optimized low-frequency tuning alignment for the best possible transient response and extension

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Please read the warranty card that was included in the shipping carton of your monitor prior to shipping it back to KRK Systems, LLC. All products in need of repair can be returned to the dealer where it was purchased, or to KRK Systems, LLC. at the following address:

KRK Service Center
555 E. Easy Street.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Tel: (818) 534.1575
Fax: (818) 534.1585

Please call for a Return Authorization number before returning any product for repair.
For the safest possible return to KRK, please use the shipping carton and packaging that your monitor was originally shipped in.

KRK cannot be responsible for any damages incurred during the shipping process due to poor packing. Make sure to insure your shipment.

If your monitor is out of warranty and you would like a quotation prior to servicing your product, please include a note with your contact information on it and we will contact you with a service quote. Service will be performed once your method of payment has been established and approved.

Replacement carton and packaging can be purchased from KRK Systems, LLC. $18.00 per carton.

For replacement part quotes call (818) 534.1575.

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