The Studio One backlit keyboard from KB Covers was created with the help of thousands of designers. The result is a backlit keyboard that boosts productivity for the people who actually use it. The backlit design reduces eye strain, which is great for creators who spend long hours on a project. The keyboard is also color-coded so you can actually see keyboard shortcuts instead of relying on memorization. This speeds up your workflow with faster editing capabilities. Each key has a standard letter or symbol for typing, but most keys are colored and labeled with a shortcut to speed up your process.

Design and work in Studio One faster and reduce eye strain with this backlit editing keyboard for Studio One. This slimline model is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.
  • Easily viewable in a dimly lit or dark room
  • Edit faster than ever before
  • High quality key press structure
  • All of your keyboard shortcuts
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows computers

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