This is a mid-priced instrument that perfectly presentable in professional contexts. It features a rose brass bell, whose heavy copper content further enhances the sweetness and mellifluousness of the wide bell and broad taper. The yellow brass body ensures enough brightness that the horn's fundamentals are securely locked and present. It is at once articulate and warm, assured and laid back. A fantastic ballad horn in soloing contexts, it also blends well in brass sections.

Many professional trumpet players who only need a flugelhorn for one or two solos per week when they do their unpaid Tuesday night big band gig love this horn. It performs to stringent personal standards of a professional brass musician, while not being nearly as expensive as an artisan-level instrument.
  • Lacquered Yellow Brass Body
  • .433" Bore
  • Specially Annealed 6" Rose Brass Bell
  • French tuning slides
  • 3rd Valve Trigger with stainless steel mechanism
  • Monel pistons
  • 1st and 3rd valve water keys
  • Wood-frame case

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