The JodyJazz POWER RING Ligatures provide an elegant solution to the problem with ligatures that dampen vibration of the reed.

The POWER RING Ligatures have greater thickness and heft and feature a concave inner design which reduces the touch points on the reed thereby maximizing reed vibration. There are no moving parts, further increasing the efficiency of vibration.

The amount of harmonics present are increased, allowing the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid and low frequencies. The POWER RING simply slides over the mouthpiece and reed and becomes very secure as it is pushed tightly over the reed. 

The POWER RING Ligatures are individually CNC machined from virgin brass at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah, GA. Available in 24kt Gold plated finish or Silver plated finish.

Each JodyJazz POWER RING Ligature comes with a deluxe pouch.