The JodyJazz DV Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is the first to combine nature, science, and the imagination. Golden Section Proportions, or Phi Proportions, between the facing, bore, and chamber is applied to a mouthpiece for the first time in the DV series. The proportions are found in the Stadivarius violins, the Nautilus shell, the Ancient Pyramids and much more. The benefit of using these proportions is a chamber that creates more harmonics for a bigger, richer sound. This mouthpiece comes with cap, ligature and pouch.

The proportions alone do not make the DV series. The mouthpiece also features a secondary window which allows the sound waves to hit the vibrating reed instead of a solid piece of metal. The result is a sound wave pushed out of the mouthpiece through the saxophone. Another advantage of the DV is its facing. The design results in no dead spots on the reed which means the saxophone will respond equally across all ranges. The JodyJazz DV Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is ideal for the saxophone player looking for a mouthpiece just a little bit brighter than a traditional jazz mouthpiece.

Due to the curve of the DV's facing, JodyJazz recommends the use of a slightly harder reed. Two benefits of using a harder reed are a longer lasting reed and an easier altissimo.

What Does The DV Do?
Bigger Fatter Tone
Effortless Playing
More Harmonics
Cleaner Articulation
Power and Projection
Unbelievable Altissimo
Improved Intonation

How Does The DV Do It?
Secondary window
Golden section proportioning
Proprietary CNC facing technology
Perfect radius facing curve
Perfect reed/Tip match
24 kt heavy gold plating
Hand finished baffle, tip rail, and table
Play tested by Jody Espina
  • Rich harmonics
  • Innovative design
  • Bright and present
  • Comes with cap, ligature and pouch.