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JBE Pickups Telecaster Pickups (Humbucker)

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It takes a lot of chutzpah to go out on a limb and describe your pickups as the best ones on Earth... but that's exactly what JBE Pickups does, and there's no shortage of guitarists who have jumped on board to show that they can live up to the claim. For example, maybe Bruce Springsteen rings a bell? The Boss is probably the biggest highlight on the long list of JBE Pickups users, which can boast a pretty wide variety of artists all with their own instrument of choice. If that axe is a Tele for you, then you're in the right place: the JBE Pickups humbucking Telecaster pickups in this section have what it takes to pump out big, powerful tone with low noise and plenty of versatility to handle any musical genre.

Assuming you're a long-time Telecaster aficionado, the name Danny Gatton probably needs no introduction. But if you're new on the scene, here's the gist: he's one of history's greatest Tele players. If you're interested in following in his musical footsteps, then allow us to direct your attention to the JBE Pickups (Barden) Danny Gatton T-Style Tele Pickup Set. Inspired by Danny's own specifications and performances, these are great examples of what JBE has to offer. And they're far from the only ones - sets like the JBE Pickups (Barden) Nashville T-Set Tele 3-Pickup Set and the JBE Pickups (Barden) Modern T-Style Tele Pickup Set are more than qualified to stand alongside them in the lineup.

The Telecaster is an absolutely classic guitar, and it totally deserves a fantastic set of pickups that can keep pace with its legacy and performance. It's safe to say that JBE Pickups has really stepped up to that plate with this line of Telecaster humbuckers, and there's no doubt that any of the pickups here could be the best way to give your instrument a tonal facelift - of course, that's up to you to decide, so don't hesitate to get started looking through all the choices!