Innovative Percussion


Innovative Percussion designed the KDB-2 "Cloud" bass drum beater based on the classic beaters used by jazz and blues drummers in the 1920s to the 1940s. The rounded, soft beater is great for studio use, as it creates a softer slap that amplifies the low-end tone of the kick drum. Built to be used on all size drums, the soft polyester cover is still incredibly durable and can withstand some of the most aggressive playing styles. Constructed with a cork core, the lightweight KDB-2 also lends itself well to numerous styles from the era that inspired it—big band, jazz and early rock among them. It's also a great choice for any player who wants to experiment with that old-school kick sound in contemporary genres, like pop and indie.
  • Soft kick drum beater inspired by popular models from the 1920s to '40s
  • 8.125" steel shaft with a cork beater surrounded by soft, durable polyester
  • Recreates the punchy "slap" sound from old-school recordings
  • Ideal for the studio, where the unique sound qualities of the beater can shine

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