Discover the powerful sound of Slavic (Bulgarian-style) singing as performed by an all-female chorus with Vocalisa: Slavic Womens Choir from Impact Soundworks. This downloadable library contains sopranos, mezzos, altos, soloist and full choir. Vocalisa also features many important syllables and consonants idiomatic to this style, plus useful pitch articulations (mordents, turns) and FX (breaths, claps, clusters).
  • Detailed recordings for a versatile sound with air
  • Traditional Slavic choral singing
  • Eh, mah, yah, ree, shteh, svah and oh
  • Mordents, turns, clusters, FX and breaths
  • Section-building with sopranos, mezzos, altos
  • Soloist and full choir patches
  • Two flexible modes: keyswitch and grid (sequence)
  • Beautiful UI with performance tweaking and mix
  • 3GB disk space
  • KONTAKT version 4 or higher required (FULL version, not player)
  • 3GB of RAM recommended

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