Immerse yourself in the sound of the Javanese gamelan, an ancient, tuned percussion ensemble from Indonesia with this downloadable sampler from Impact Soundworks. The transcendental tone of this instrument has inspired composers for centuries and with twelve unique instruments plus a custom ensemble builder at your fingertips, your music projects can now utilize this breathtaking Indonesian instrument.

    6,750 samples at pristine 24/48 quality
    16 dynamic layers per key
    Full & dampened recordings
    12 individual instruments
    Bonang, demung, gambang, gender
    Gongs, kempul, kempyang, kenong
    Kethuk, peking, saron, slenthem

      Beautiful wide UI for Kontakt 5.8
      Custom ensemble builder patch
      Per-instrument tuning, timing
      Harmony builder, microtuning
      Single patches w/ 3 tunings
      Includes CONSOLE, over 30 FX

      • KONTAKT 5.8 (full version - NOT player) required
        Requires 4gb disk space
        4gb of RAM recommended

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