With her highly developed two-handed tapping technique, multi-instrumentalist Yvette Young’s playing style has made an impact on the electric guitar world with a sound that’s instantly recognizable and immensely inspiring. Playing off that same inspiration, Young and Ibanez teamed to release the Ibanez YY10, the Yvette Young signature model. Based on one of Young’s custom Ibanez Talmans, the Ibanez YY10 is sure to inspire guitarists across the world, with features including a 1-piece maple neck and maple fretboard, alder body and Seymour Duncan Five-Two neck pickups.

Ever since she came onto the scene, Young has been braking through barriers and challenging conventions of what was thought to be possible on electric guitar. With her incredibly unique playing style and original instrumentalist compositions she creates with her band Covet, Young has truly taken the guitar world by storm.

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