Ibanez’s SR Premium series has garnered praise from professional players and gear reviewers alike since its debut. Developed by the Ibanez Premium luthiers, the SR1600B series shares many of the high-end appointments as the highly regarded Prestige line. With extraordinary detail, this series features super-smooth hand-crimped frets and the Mono-rail 5s bridge, which enables a wider intonation and adjustment range. Each isolated saddle is securely locked to the body for maximum vibration transfer with minimal sympathetic string interference.

The top feature of the new bridge is the saddles, which are adjustable for various string spacing. The bridge was developed in an effort to meet the needs of various players who enjoy different string spacing. Additionally, the saddles can be easily adjusted to widen or tighten the string spacing by + / -1.5mm. 

Combining an African mahogany body and an elegant poplar burl top, the SR1600B boasts a solid, well-balanced tone. The 5-piece atlas neck consists of alternative layers of Panga Panga and Purpleheart, offering a striking visual detail and a neck stability for years to come.

In spite of the impressive hit list of exotic materials, Ibanez’s Premium bass stays true to the original SR concept: being surprisingly light in weight—a noticeable contrast to the instrument’s thick sonic character. The SR1600B features a big, bold tonal personality, due largely to a pair of Nordstrand Big Single pickups, the kind that you often find on boutique instruments.

No matter what musical texture is desired, the Ibanez custom 3-band EQ, with EQ bypass and mid-frequency switch, will get there fast.

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