Hercules DJ


The Hercules DJControl Compact controller puts the essentials of mixing right at your fingertips. Compact, yet powerful, it’s an essential tool for DJs on the go. Take it with you wherever you go to prepare your tracks. The Hercules DJControl Compact lets you hone your skills and practice your mixes anywhere. It’s also great for throwing parties with your friends.

The DJControl Compact DJ controller is equipped with all the key features any DJ would want. It has two jog wheels and four performance pads per deck. DJControl Compact is perfect for getting started in the world of DJing. Learn how to mix your favorite tracks with no pressure. Scratch naturally and without any latency thanks to the jog wheels, which also control the pitch and navigation within tracks. Perfect your sound with Cue mode, samples, loops and effects buttons. Create loops, add effects and play samples with the backlit performance pads.

  • Two-deck control with dual jog wheels
  • Scratch and control playback speed with jog wheels
  • Four performance pads per deck
  • Ultra-compact design

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