Hal Leonard


The technique of writing musical notation as symbols for certain sounds can be both enjoyable and highly useful to every student.Written exercises reinforce each concept.Hal Leonard's Theory Papers, Book 2 provides the continuation of a very important aspect of music learning begun in Book 1, that is, learning how to write the symbols for musical sounds. In this book, there is a systematic review of key signatures, chords and intervals, plus new material related to the music fundamentals presented in Music for Piano, book 2. By studying these microcosms of music theory a few minutes each day, students will become self-reliant and able to learn more music in less time.
Publisher: Lee Roberts Music Publications, Inc.
Arranger: Robert Pace
ISBN: 9780634039508
UPC: 073999183108
Publisher Code: 2315
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
47 pages