Grover Pro


The Grover Pro EQlipse is the ONLY drum that gives you TWO distinct bearing edges!

1. Double 45-degree edge for a bright contemporary sound
2. Rounded edge for that traditional, dark vintage tone

What’s So Special?

Grover Pro's aluminum Tone Belt acts as a structural brace, removing tension from the wood shell. Inside the Tone Belt is a ceramic-coated maple ring, which amplifies transient high-end frequencies. These features give the EQlipse its multi-shell character. In addition, their exclusive SX snares sport both silver and bronze Non-Spiral Snare wires. Increased contact with the snare head produces power and projection beyond that of ordinary snares!

How Does It Work?
It’s as easy as changing a head! Just remove the batter head, flip over the Apex Ring, and put the head back on. Your drum is dramatically transformed to suit your style and the music you’re playing!