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Green Guitar Straps

No guitar would be complete without a strap to keep it company. After all, your instrument has to hang from one every time you want to play while standing. But guitar straps don't have to be purely utilitarian - they're the most visible accessory you'll take onstage other than your guitar and amp, so they're the perfect opportunity to create an aesthetic and stage presence that's all you. If you're interested in mixing things up with some added color, it might be time to add one of these green guitar straps to your kit. There are lots of different shades to choose from, so whether you want a bright neon green or the color of an evergreen forest, there's a strap here for you.

If you're looking for something that will really help you stand out, go ahead and start your search with the brightest and boldest options. The DiMarzio 2" Nylon Neon Standard Guitar Strap and Perri's 2" Reflective Nylon Guitar Strap are two great examples of brilliant straps that can bring a lot of visual energy to your look. Looking for something in a more subdued shade of green? Maybe Gibson's The Rivet Guitar Strap will be the one for you - its pale color matches a wider range of guitar finishes than a more vivid green, but it still makes itself noticed thanks to its metal rivet detailing.

One thing's for sure: there are plenty of fantastic options in this lineup of green guitar straps. You can choose a strap that's simple and straightforward, or go for some extra functionality from a quick-release like the DiMarzio 2" Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap... or maybe try "blending in" onstage by wearing the Perri's 2" Cotton Guitar Strap with Leather Ends. It's up to you to pick out the strap that best suits your personal style, so go ahead and take a look through all the options - your next strap could be just around the corner.