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The Guitar Center Lessons Keyboard Curriculum Book 1 is an innovative learning tool for beginner keyboardists. This interactive course teaches essential keyboard skills through a combination of an illustrated lesson book and online audio tutorials. Covering hand position, note names, time signatures and simple songs, this curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to playing keyboard. This course is designed to help you start playing music right away.

Illustrated Lesson Book Breaks Down Fundamentals

The included lesson book features clear diagrams and explanations of proper hand position, note names, time signatures, and keyboard layout. Each of the book's topics builds on the previous lesson, taking you from the basics to playing simple songs. The step-by-step guidance in this book is ideal for learners of all ages.

Online Audio Tutorials Reinforce Key Concepts

To supplement the lesson book, the Keyboard Curriculum Book 1 includes online audio tutorials which demonstrate the skills covered in each chapter. Hearing and seeing these concepts in action helps to cement your learning.

Practice Exercises and Simple Songs to Play

This course provides opportunities to apply what you've learned through practice exercises and simple beginner songs. Playing exercises improve your finger dexterity and timing, while learning recognizable songs keeps you engaged and motivated to progress to the next lesson.

All You Need to Get Started

With its combination of lesson book and audio tutorials, the Guitar Center Lessons Keyboard Curriculum Book 1 includes all the resources you need to gain a solid foundation in keyboard playing. This interactive course will have you reading notes, playing chords, and performing simple songs in no time.