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Open Box Fryette Pittbull Fifty/CL 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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  • Description
  • Specs

An amp that lets you experience pure simplicity, total control and excellent note articulation with chordal clarity.

The Pittbull Fifty/CL provides two channels of unapologetic attitude with a 50-watt power plant, delivering thick, touch-sensitive response with a decidedly British persuasion.

Pittbull Series amps have been used on countless recordings and tours including classic albums by Helmet (Page Hamilton), Bon Jovi (Richie Sambora) Anthrax (Rob Caggiano) and Slipknot (Mick Thompson).

This is a no-nonsense amplifier with a deceptively simple feature set in which either channel can serve as a Clean, Vintage Crunch or Hi-gain channel. The CL’s Red & Green channels are similarly configured but voiced slightly differently for a wide palate of pristine clean, slightly dirty clean, spanking crunch and aggressive but harmonically rich overdrive. Combined with an extremely expressive graphic EQ, this allows for quick and intuitive sound sculpting.

Getting familiar with the Fifty/CL amplifier is easy, so don’t be terribly surprised when you find yourself up and running in no time. First-hand experience and real world application will yield the ultimate satisfaction of finding your own path of comprehension and self-expression.

The Pittbull Hundred/CL, paired with the FatBottom 412 cabinet, delivers ground shaking thump and blow-your-hair-back, low-end projection. For the ultimate portable rig, couple the Fifty/CL with the FatBottom 212.


  • Masterbuilt in North Hollywood, California
  • 1- 12AX7WB and 3 - 12AX7 Preamp/Gain stage/Phase inverter tubes
  • 2 - EL34 Power tubes
  • 1 - 5U4GB Rectifier tube and one silicon rectifier (channel assignable)
  • Incredibly broad tonal range
  • Get sparkling clean tones, harmonically rich and articulate high gain sounds and everything in-between
  • Extremely touch-sensitive and responsive to your playing style
  • 4-button footswitch is included: Channel select, Boost, Effects loop and EQ switches. The EQ is channel-assignable. Other footswitch features include LED indicators, custom-made heavy-duty switches, durable, 20-foot cable with Switchcraft 6 Pin-Din connector. Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Run your favorite boost or fuzz pedals into the front of the Pittbull head and place your reverb and delay pedals in the switchable FX Loop
  • Front Panel Functions
    • HI and LOW INPUTS HI - High sensitivity input (has a brighter tone), Low sensitivity input (has a slightly darker tone)
    • CHANNEL SELECT SWITCH– Front panel channel switching function
    • GAIN – Controls the amount of overdrive
    • HI GAIN SWITCH – Gain Stacking Switch. Activates additional tube overdrive gain stage. Normal = 3 stages, Hi = 4 stages
    • VOLUME – Channel Master. Sets the amount of volume of each Channel, pre FX loop
    • BOOST - Switches from low gain (clean to slightly dirty) to medium gain (crunch to medium overdrive)
    • TREBLE – Passive High frequency equalization
    • EDGE SWITCH – Frequency-dependent gain boost. Enhances upper string harmonics and sustain
    • MIDDLE – Passive Mid frequency equalization
    • SHIFT SWITCH- Shifts Treble, Middle and Bass shelving down (Mid Boost)
    • BASS – Passive low-frequency equalization
    • GRAPHIC EQ – 100Hz, 250 Hz, 630 Hz, 1.2 kHz, 2.3 KHz, 5 kHz 12 dB cut or boost per band. Activated by rear panel pushbutton or footswitch (Channel assignable)
    • MASTER VOLUME – Global power amp volume control, post FX loop
    • STANDBY - Turns on high voltage to output section
    • MAINS – Switches main AC power on or off
    Rear Panel Functions
    • POWER AMP MODE: Class AB/Class A – Class AB operates power tubes in fixed bias mode for full power for crisp highs and deep low end. Class A operated power tubes in Cathode Bias mode for slightly reduced output (30 Watts in Class A/NORMAL Mode) and softer highs and lows
    • ENHANCE operates power amplifier from a Silicon Rectifier for crisp tone and increased power amp dynamics 
    • NORMAL operates power amplifier from a Tube Rectifier for smoother tone and increased power amp compression and distortion. This is accompanied by a slight reduction in output power to about 40 watts 
    • AUTO ties the MODE SWITCH to the front panel or foot-controlled channel switching function. In this mode NORMAL operates on the RED channel and ENHANCE operates on the GREEN channel
    • IMPEDANCE SELECT - 4, 8 or 16 ohms. Example: Two 8 Ohm cabs = 4 Ohms, two 16 Ohm cabs = 8 Ohms
    • LINE OUT with LEVEL CONTROL - Power amp line out jack with level control
    • EFFECTS RETURN also serves as power amp input. EFFECTS SEND Also serves as preamp output for recording and slaving
    • PRESENCE and DEPTH CONTROLS- Variable high end response and low end excursion

    Own an amp that just begs to be cranked!