High-quality plastic resin body, hand-reamed and finished by Fox craftsman. Silver-plated posts, bands and bell ring. Stainless steel arbors and wire springs. Nickel silver keys with 18% nickel silver hinge tubing and heavy silver plating. Full conservatory mechanism (including left-hand F key) with the exception of the split-ring Eb - E trill key. Cork pads on low C and above. Teflon-tipped stainless steel adjusting screws. Each instrument comes with two standard Fox Model XL English horn bocals (numbers 2 and 3). Accessories include a French-style student single case, reed and reed case, silk swab and cork grease.
  • Quality resin body.
  • Modified conservatory key system.
  • Includes: case / care products
  • Body: High Quality Resin
  • Key System: Modified Conservatory
  • Keys: Silver Plated
  • Pads: Cork

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