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Folk & Traditional Instruments

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  1. Vintage
    Gibson 1940s Mastertone Steel Lap Steel
    Your Price $599.99
    Good Condition
    Fort Wayne, IN
  2. Vintage
    Martin 1950s STYLE O Ukulele
    Your Price $649.99
    Good Condition
    Carle Place, NY
  3. Vintage
    Vega Artist Tenor Banjo
    Your Price $1,999.99
    Good Condition
    Sacramento, CA
  4. Vintage
    Kay 1960s Baritone Ukulele Ukulele
    Your Price $199.99
    Good Condition
    Syracuse, NY
  5. Vintage
    Bacon & Day Tenor Banjo Banjo
    Your Price $899.99
    Good Condition
    Pasadena, CA
  6. Vintage
    Vintage 1950s Dickerson Magnatone Lapsteel Grey Pearloid Lap Steel
    Your Price $399.99
    Good Condition
    Sioux Falls, SD
  7. Price Drop
    Martin 1950s Soprano Ukulele
    Your Price $699.99 Was:  $799.99
    Good Condition
    West Palm Beach, FL
  8. Price Drop
    Airline 1961 Lapsteel Lap Steel
    Your Price $429.99 Was:  $499.99
    Good Condition
    Towson, MD
  9. Price Drop
    Vega 1960s VOX I TENOR Banjo
    Your Price $949.99 Was:  $1,099.99
    Good Condition
    Hollywood, CA
  10. Price Drop
    HARMONY 1960s ST UKE Ukulele
    Your Price $149.99 Was:  $179.99
    Good Condition
    Cedar Rapids, IA
  11. Price Drop
    Vega 1960s RANGER TENOR Banjo
    Your Price $499.99 Was:  $599.99
    Good Condition
    Brooklyn, NY
  12. Price Drop
    Mastertone 1940s LAP STEEL OHSC Lap Steel
    Your Price $429.99 Was:  $499.99
    Good Condition
    Naperville, IL
  13. Price Drop
    HARMONY 1960s Tenor Ukulele Ukulele
    Your Price $219.99 Was:  $299.99
    Good Condition
    Cincinnati, OH
  14. Price Drop
    Ludwig 1920s Silver Flash Banjo Banjo
    Your Price $999.99 Was:  $1,299.99
    Good Condition
    Tempe, AZ
  15. Price Drop
    Washburn 1920s STYLE E Banjo
    Your Price $249.99 Was:  $299.99
    Good Condition
    Cincinnati, OH
  16. Price Drop
    Martin 1950s Martin Ukulele W/OHSC Ukulele
    Your Price $529.99 Was:  $599.99
    Good Condition
    Matthews, NC
  17. Price Drop
    Vega 1920s Professional Banjo Banjo
    Your Price $849.99 Was:  $999.99
    Good Condition
    Ft. Myers, FL
  18. Price Drop
    Vega 1930s Little Wonder Banjo Banjo
    Your Price $399.99 Was:  $499.99
    Good Condition
    Spokane, WA
  19. Price Drop
    J. Reynolds JR500G Banjo
    Your Price $299.99 Was:  $349.99
    Good Condition
    Lakeland, FL
  20. Vintage
    Kay 1950s OHSC Mandolin
    Your Price $599.99
    Good Condition
    Salt Lake City, UT
  21. Price Drop
    Fender 1970s 1970's Fender Artist 5str Banjo Banjo
    Your Price $1,099.99 Was:  $1,299.99
    Good Condition
    Colorado Springs, CO
  22. Price Drop
    Regal 1930s Resonator Resonator Guitar
    Your Price $1,399.99 Was:  $1,599.99
    Good Condition
    Fort Wayne, IN
  23. Price Drop
    Martin 1960s Style O Ukulele
    Your Price $499.99 Was:  $599.99
    Good Condition
    Asheville, NC
  24. Price Drop
    Supro 1953 Twin Lap Steel
    Your Price $549.99 Was:  $649.99
    Good Condition
    Grand Rapids, MI
  25. Price Drop
    Rickenbacker 1940s NS Lapsteel Lap Steel
    Your Price $699.99 Was:  $899.99
    Good Condition
    Oklahoma City, OK
  26. Price Drop
    Gretsch Guitars 1940s BANJO Banjo
    Your Price $329.99 Was:  $399.99
    Good Condition
    Ft Collins, CO
  27. Price Drop
    Supro 1938 60 Lap Steel
    Your Price $699.99 Was:  $799.99
    Good Condition
    South Springfield, MO
  28. Price Drop
    Vega 1920s Style M Banjo
    Your Price $799.99 Was:  $899.99
    Good Condition
    Greenwood, IN
  29. Price Drop
    Rickenbacker 1952 Rickenbacker DC-16 Steel OHSC Lap Steel
    Your Price $899.99 Was:  $999.99
    Good Condition
    Southington, CT
  30. Price Drop
    Supro 1950s 60 Lap Steel
    Your Price $649.99 Was:  $799.99
    Good Condition
    Concord, CA
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Recent years have seen a fantastic resurgence in folk music all over the world. Artists such as Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and Bon Iver have ushered in a new age for the genre, while classic folk music continues to see revival in popularity on film and in music clubs all around the country. With a wide assortment of folk & traditional instruments available, this is the perfect place to reignite your interest in this unique style of music. Folk music features a lot of distinct instruments, and it should be no problem to find the one that is perfect for you. If you're interested in a wind instrument, there are plenty of harmonica, kazoos, melodicas, accordions and more to choose from here.

If you're looking for an individual mouth harp, have a look at something like the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica, which is well suited to a wide variety of genres. Maybe you don't want just one harmonica, but a whole set in different keys. Options such as the Hohner Piedmont Blues 7-Harmonica Pack and the Lee Oskar Harmonica 5-Pack offer complete sets for professionals and hobbyists alike, so you will always be ready to jam with the band regardless of the key they're playing in. If you're looking to express your style with something totally unique, perhaps check out a melodica like the Hohner 32F Fire. With its bright sound and emotional expressionism, this melodica is great for players of all skill levels. Or maybe you're more interested in the accordion. Instruments such as the SofiaMari SM-3112 31-Button 12 Accordion GCF or the Hohner Compadre EAD Accordion will give your music a distinct flair every time they're played. Perhaps you're more interested in stringed instruments? This section still has you covered with a wide assortment of gear. From ukuleles in a variety of sizes, to mandolins and banjos, to slide guitars and resonators, you'll have no trouble finding the right addition you your collection. Folk music is a pure form of musical expression. With one of these traditional folk instruments, you will have no problem bringing your unique sound and style to life for all to hear.

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