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Fiddle Tablature

Folk music and the fiddle go together like bread and butter, and that's only the beginning of what this instrument is capable of. Fiddles have appeared in all kinds of genres from rock to blues, and no matter which style of music you call your own, a good collection of fiddle tablature is a key ingredient in the recipe that makes a fiddler truly great. These books offer up plenty of opportunities for learning and practicing, so whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you'll find the materials you need to go one step further - and take your fiddle along for the journey.

There are a few kinds of resources here, and the first one is the educational type. These beginner tablature books are the place to start if you're new to the fiddle, and they'll teach you the important concepts behind great performances. Check out Mel Bay's Killer Technique book for instance: it gives lots of insight on how to stand out from the rest. And if you'd like a totally objective reference guide to have on hand while you're warming up, take a look at the Mel Bay Fiddle Scale Chart as well.

Another kind of fiddle tablature you'll find in this section is plain repertoire, like the Alfred Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic: Old Time Fiddle Tunes. These books are packed with favorite music you can take onstage or just play at home for practice. An option that comes well-recommended is the Creative Concepts Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Greatest Hits Songbook, which has earned itself a deserved status as one of our top sellers.

When you're looking to learn fiddling technique, or once you've mastered the basics and need material to perform and practice, this collection of fiddle tablature is the perfect place to be. There's a book here to interest any fiddler, so dig in and take a look for yourself: all it will take is a few minutes of searching to pick out your personal favorites, and then you'll be ready for that next step on your musical journey.