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Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Model Electric Guitars

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For guitar players who like to wear their influences on their sleeve, a signature model electric guitar is ideal, and Music Man specializes in a wide range of models that boast some pretty impressive credentials. From John Petrucci to Steve Morse, Music Man has collaborated with many artists who are considered to be the most accomplished guitarists in the world today, and the results are always monumental. Whether you're a prog rock enthusiast or a death metal virtuoso, Music Man has a signature model electric guitar for you, right here. As you browse your options, you'll realize quickly that these axes are designed for guitarists with big aspirations. For an excellent example, check out the Luke Signature Model Electric Guitar. Equipped with an active EMG model 85 humbucker, 2 EMG SLV custom single coils and a 5-way selector for instant access to an array of tones, this guitar is a versatile beast. As for how it feels, its slick body, oil-finished maple neck and prominent V-profile make for a fast and comfortable playing experience. You'll also find many top-rated items in this catalog, and the Steve Morse Y2D Guitar is a testament to the brilliance that comes from Music Man's partnership with today's greatest shredders. In fact, this model in particular marks the 20th anniversary of Music Man's association with Morse, and the result is nothing short of remarkable. Featuring custom wound DiMarzio picks and available in your choice of three exciting new signature finishes, the Steve Morse Y2D will not only excite fans of the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple, but anyone who appreciates easy playability and pristine tone. When Music Man officially launched in 1974, there was no telling who their instruments would wind up in the hands of. Today, it's pretty obvious that they've earned themselves quite the sterling reputation amongst the pros - and for proof, all you have to do is look through this section. Simply put, if you want an electric guitar that's made for a rock star, a signature model from Music Man is the perfect way to go.
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