The ENGL Cabloader is a full-featured speaker cabinet simulator, IR loader and DI box. This all-in-one solution can transform your pedalboard into a full DI rig, provides a perfect link from your amplifier to a recording interface, or even just gives you a great way to hook up your pedals to your headphones for practice.

The Cabloader sports a whole host of IR-based digital cabinet simulation models, with various microphone and optional power amp emulations. These allow you to digitally recreate the sound and feel of a fully miked guitar speaker and experiment with cab models you may never be able to obtain in real life. Third-party IR-loading is supported via the proprietary software so you can load .wav IR files from any of your favorite manufacturers or studios.

As complicated as the digital wizardry is, that's going on inside this little box. The Cabloader has been designed with sheer simplicity and ease of use in mind. Even a complete newcomer to the world of digital cab sims and IR-loaders can quickly set up an amazing sound with its intuitive controls. The quality of the simulations and the extensive connection options make this the perfect tool for anyone from beginners to professionals.

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