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The RE20 dynamic cardioid microphone from Electro-Voice is a revolutionary instrument designed to reproduce the human voice with unparalleled accuracy. Variable-D technology and an internal pop filter allow for close-in recording with no proximity effect, resulting in a smooth, natural tone. A true cardioid polar pattern provides 180° of off-axis rejection to eliminate unwanted noise. The voice-tailored frequency response accentuates the rich fundamentals and warmth of the human voice.

Variable-D Technology Captures the True Voice

The RE20's Variable-D technology is a pioneering innovation that controls the proximity effect common in most directional microphones. This allows the RE20 to be placed in very close proximity to the sound source without loss of clarity or detail, capturing the subtle nuances and unique character of the human voice.

Precisely Engineered for Superior Rejection

The RE20's cardioid polar pattern offers the greatest rejection at 180° off-axis, directly behind the microphone. This consistent pattern control provides virtually no off-axis coloration and the highest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. The RE20 can be used in noisy environments or near loud instruments without picking up bleed from the sides or rear.

Tailored Frequency Response for Rich, Warm Vocals

The RE20's frequency response is specifically tailored to accentuate the rich fundamentals and warmth of the human voice. Lower midrange frequencies are gently boosted to add depth and fullness, while the higher frequencies are attenuated to reduce sibilance and create a smooth, natural tone. The result is a microphone that flatters any voice and helps cut through a mix.

Large Diaphragm and Humbucking Coil for Superior Performance

A large diaphragm delivers the sensitivity and frequency response of a studio condenser microphone. An internal humbucking coil provides exceptional resistance to electromagnetic hum and noise. The RE20's heavy-duty build quality allows it to withstand high sound pressure levels without distortion, even in challenging conditions. For premium vocal and instrument recording, the RE20 is unmatched.

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  • Heavy-duty internal pop filter reduces proximity effects
  • Internal element shock mount reduces vibration-induced noise
  • Bass roll-off switch

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Element Type:
  • Dynamic
  • Frequency Response:
  • 45 Hz - 18,000 Hz
Polar Pattern:
  • Cardioid
  • 150 ohms balanced
  • Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage, 1 kHz:
  • 1.5 mV/pascal
  • Hum Pickup Level, typical (60 Hz/1 millioersted field):
  • -130 dBm
  • Pin 2 will be positive referenced to Pin 3 with positive pressure on diaphragm
Case Material:
  • Steel
  • Fawn beige
  • Length = 8.53” (216.7 mm)
  • Widest Diameter = 2.14” (54.4 mm) Body Diameter = 1.94” (49.2 mm)
  • Net Weight:
  • 1 lb, 10 oz (737 g)
Shipping Weight:
  • 3 lb, 4 oz (1474 g)
Accessories Included:
  • 81715 stand clamp

collapse expand iconWarranty

Microphones: 3 year full replacement
Wireless: 2 years
Speakers: 3 years active, 5 years passive

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