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Electric Guitar Strings

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  1. D'Addario ESXL110 Steinberger Regular Light Double Ball End Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $14.29
  2. Thomastik BB112 Light Jazz BeBop Guitar Strings
    Your Price $24.95
  3. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL110-7 Lite 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $7.99
  4. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2623 Super Slinky 7-String Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $7.99
  5. Top Rated
    Rogue P10 Bulk 12 Pack 010 Plain Steel Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $2.49
  6. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 3721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack
    Your Price $20.49
  7. GHS Boomer 7 String Heavy Electric Guitar Set (13-74)
    Your Price $7.49
  8. Top Rated
    Fender Original Bullets Vintage Nickel Bullet End Electric Guitar Strings - Light
    Your Price $5.95
  9. Ernie Ball 8-String Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 10-74
    Your Price $10.99
  10. Top Rated
    D'Addario ECG26 Chromes Medium Gauge Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $14.99
  11. Top Rated
    PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings, Light (.010-.046)
    Your Price $10.99
  12. Top Rated
    DR Strings Legend Extra Life Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $15.48
  13. Ernie Ball 2246 Stainless Steel Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $4.39
  14. Top Rated
    D'Addario XL148 Nickel-Wound, Drop C Tuning Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $4.89
  15. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2240 Regular Slinky RPS 10 Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $5.38
  16. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2915 M-Steel Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $12.99
  17. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL120BT Balanced Tension X-Lite Electric Guitar Strings Single-Pack
    Your Price $4.99
  18. Top Rated
    D'Addario EPN115 Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Blues/Jazz Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $8.70
  19. D'Addario EXL115 Blues/Jazz Bulk -Pack Guitar Strings Medium  25 Sets
    Your Price $101.99
  20. Top Rated
    DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Red Coated Medium (10-46) Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $11.99
  21. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL117 Medium Top/Extra-Heavy Bottom, Nickel-Wound Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $4.89
  22. Top Rated
    Thomastik GB114 George Benson Custom Heavy Flatwound Jazz Guitar Strings
    Your Price $42.95
  23. Fender Hendrix Voodoo Child Bullet End Nickel 10-38
    Your Price $7.95
  24. Top Rated
    Ernie Ball 2253 Super Slinky Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $5.48
  25. Top Rated
    D'Addario EXL140 Nickel Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $5.49
  26. Top Rated
    DR Strings PHR9 Pure Blues Nickel Light Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $6.99
  27. D'Addario EXL140 Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack
    Your Price $13.99
  28. Ernie Ball 2236 Nickel 12-String Medium Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $13.29
  29. Top Rated
    EVH Premium Electric Strings 9-42
    Your Price $5.95
  30. DR Strings Hi-Def NEON Multi-Color Coated Medium Electric Guitar Strings
    Your Price $11.99
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Before the speakers and pedals, before the amp and even before the pickups, there are the strings, impacting everything that comes after them in line. Fortunately, there are lots of options to choose from, so you can pick out a set of strings that will produce exactly the sound you're looking to get out of your instrument. It's possible to change the strings one at a time, but one part of routine guitar maintenance is replacing the full set from time to time, so they're mostly sold in complete packs. If you're doing a regular re-stringing or upgrading from stock strings, that's a great way to get a full matching set. For a touring musician or prolific player, you might even consider stocking up with a bulk box to make sure you're ready with a long-term supply of on-the-road replacements as you need them.

One of the most important things to look at when choosing strings is the material, just like with an acoustic guitar. The difference is that an electric guitar's strings need to be made of magnetic alloys for the pickups to "hear" them, so bronze and brass are out. Instead, your primary options are stainless steel, nickel or nickel-plated strings. Nickel alloys have their roots in the early electric guitars of the 1950s, which makes them the preferred choice for authentic vintage sounds. Steel, on the other hand, has a stronger, punchier sound. Steel strings also stand up well to corrosion, which makes them good options if you live in a humid climate. For a hybrid of the two, check out nickel-plated strings, which combine the clarity and strength of steel with a softer nickel surface that's a bit easier on your frets, picks and fingertips. The other key characteristic of electric guitar strings is the gauge, or thickness. A heavier gauge needs more tension and produces higher volume with fuller sound and increased sustain. That makes it ideal for the needs of rhythm guitar. Lighter gauges, by contrast, are brighter-sounding, as well as more flexible, which allows fingers to work faster, making them great for complex lead and jazz guitar parts. If you're a beginner, it's a good idea to start with a lighter gauge, since the more bendy strings are easier to fret. A final thing to take into consideration is whether the strings are coated. Some guitarists prefer standard strings, while others like coated ones for their longer lifespan, smoother texture that produces less squeak and the choice of colors to personalize the guitar. Your electric guitar strings are a matter of individual preference, so trying out different strings is the only way to reliably decide which you'll like best. But it's worth every moment of testing, since your choice of strings can make an unbelievable difference in the sound of your guitar.

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