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  1. EBS WahOne Bass Wah Pedal
    Your Price $199.00
  2. VHT Melo-Verb Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $119.99
  3. Diago SP04 Tourman Pedal Board
    Your Price $199.99
  4. Top Seller
    Boss Dave Navarro Pedal Pack (CH-1, TU-3, DS-1) with Free BCB30 Pedal Board
    Your Price $286.00
  5. Electro-Harmonix EHXTortion JFET Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $179.00
  6. Blackstar HT Series HT-BOOST Tube Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $179.99
  7. Egnater Goldsmith Overdrive/Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $199.99
  8. Pigtronix Echolution 2 Remote Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $49.00
  9. AMT Electronics Little Loud Mouth Volume Pedal
    Your Price $129.95
  10. Electro-Harmonix MicroSynth XO Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $286.00
  11. Lehle 1at3 SGoS Programmable True Bypass Switcher - I Instrument to 3 Amps/2 Amp, 1 Effects Loop
    Your Price $299.99
  12. Lehle D.Loop SGoS Programmable Double Looper
    Your Price $349.99
  13. 65amps Colour Bender Germanium Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $295.00
  14. Lehle Julian Preamp, Buffer and Booster With Parametic Mids and Treble
    Your Price $279.99
  15. Rocktron Reaction Distortion 2 Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $109.00
  16. Voodoo Lab Superfuzz Pedal
    Your Price $129.99
  17. Top Rated
    Pigtronix Class A Boost Micro Effects Pedal
    Your Price $87.99
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  18. Top Rated
    Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret (Marshall Amp Emulation) Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $158.39
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  19. Top Rated
    Line 6 AMPLIFi TT Guitar Table Top Multi-Effects Unit
    Your Price $175.96
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  20. Open Box
    Keeley Delay Workstation Pedal
    Your Price $263.12
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  21. Open Box
    Mission Engineering Expression Pedal in with Minimum Value Knob Black
    Your Price $122.32
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  22. Open Box
    Mooer Reecho Pro Delay Effects Pedal
    Your Price $147.84
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  23. Open Box
    One Control Minimal AB Box Passive Switchable Loop Pedal
    Your Price $39.60
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  24. Open Box
    Bogner Oxford Fuzz Pedal Rupert Neve Transformer
    Your Price $202.39
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  25. Open Box
    One Control Purple Plexifier Distortion Effects Pedal
    Your Price $139.92
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  26. Open Box
    KHDK Abyss Bass Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Your Price $175.96
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  27. Open Box
    Mad Professor Simble Predriver Preamp Booster Compressor Effects Pedal
    Your Price $149.56
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  28. Open Box
    Electro-Harmonix Slammi Pitch Shifter/Harmony Effects Pedal
    Your Price $129.36
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  29. Open Box
    Electro-Harmonix White Finger XO Compressor Guitar Effects Pedal
    Your Price $123.02
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  30. Open Box
    Ultimate Support Genesis Series GSP-500-BK Pedalboard
    Your Price $175.99
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Musicians have been experimenting with various effects for as long as music itself existed. As time went on, breakthroughs in technology certainly broadened the possibilities of how musicians could manipulate their sound. In the late 40s, producers and musicians were creating spacey echoes and future-like sounds in the studio by using various miking techniques. Soon, amplifiers were housing built-in effects and by the mid-50s guitarists began experimenting with tremolo, reverb and distortion. Of course, this led to the creation of stompboxes in the 60s, and the possibilities exploded from there and never stopped since.

From wah-wahs and phasers to flangers, loops, overdrive and delays, today's amplified musician has a seemingly endless range of effects to choose from, and this section makes that obvious. In fact, effect companies like Boss, Dunlop, TC Electronic and Line 6 are all highly regarded in the world of music thanks to their solidy-built effects units. Need an overdrive pedal? Check out top sellers like the Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive, the legendary Ibanez T-S9 Tube Screamer or the DOD Analog Overdrive Preamp 250. Wah-wah fans are more than familiar with the Dunlop Cry Baby; or how about a compressor/sustainer? Look no further than the Behringer CS400

As mentioned earlier, these pages are loaded with multi-effects pedals as well. Need some suggestions? Check out the Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler, the Zoom G1on or the Digitech RP360XP. You'll even find effects pedal packages that are ideal for musicians who use more than one pedal during a performance and want a great deal on a variety of pedals. Options like the Rogue Effects Pedal Pack and the Boss Buy All 3 Herman Li Boss Pedals and Get A Free BCB33 Pedalboard are both excellent ways to save on cash and trips to your online cart.

No matter what your tastes, skill level or budget may be, you've definitely come to the right place for effects. Today's pedals and multi-effect units have benefitted greatly from modern technology. With that in mind, you can bet that only the best and most cutting-edge effects are included here. Simply put, there's something in this catalog for anyone who wants to take their sound to new territories of sonic bliss.
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