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EFNOTE 3 Features

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EFNOTE How To: Analog Output Routing (2ch and 4ch)

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EFNOTE How To: Quick mix, post-plug and play recording

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The EFNOTE 3 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set lets you shape remarkably realistic drum sounds with responsive pads and cymbals. This kit, introduced in 2020, shares all the same triggering as its siblings the EFNOTE 5 and EFNOTE 3X, with one main difference–the EFNOTE 3 comes with a fixed hi hat/hi hat control pedal design. Designed for serious drummers, the EFNOTE 3 provides a natural playing experience with quiet operation for practice and performance.

Authentic Feel from Premium Pads and Cymbals

With the EFNOTE 3, you'll enjoy dynamic pads and cymbals designed to feel like traditional drums and cymbals. The pads accurately sense your playing dynamics and technique, allowing nuanced expression. Cymbals provide the responsiveness needed for intricate rhythms and smooth rolls. Although constructed from sound-dampening materials, these pads and cymbals preserve the natural rebound and playability of acoustic drums and cymbals.

Shape Your Sound with the Advanced Module

At the heart of this electronic drum set is the EFNOTE 3 module, packed with high-quality drum and cymbal samples for crafting your perfect kit. Choose from 127 drum sounds and adjust parameters like pitch, reverb and EQ. Build custom kits with your preferred sounds and save them for instant recall. The module's intuitive interface makes it easy to dial in the right sound.

Record and Practice with USB Connectivity

The EFNOTE 3 module features an 8-channel USB interface for recording your performances and interacting with virtual instruments. Connect to your Mac or PC and capture multi-track recordings in your digital audio workstation. You can also trigger drum software like EZDrummer to access additional sounds and practice tools. With volume control and headphone connectivity, this electronic set is ideal for private practice and honing your skills.

ELISE Sensing Processor–a Cutting-Edge Technology

The EFNOTE 3 electronic drum kit features the proprietary ELISE Sensing Processor, an advanced technology designed to capture every detail of your performance with precision. This system ensures low latency and a wide dynamic range, providing consistent and stable sensing across all drum and cymbal pads. The ELISE Sensing Processor optimizes performance across EFNOTE's multi-sensor pads, including the 7-sensor snare drum and multi-sensor toms, all engineered to deliver hotspotless, high-resolution sound. Additionally, the cymbals feature a multi-sensor 360° play/choke area, allowing for a seamless and highly responsive playing experience that accurately translates the nuances of each performance.

A Portable Set for Gigging and Home Use

Although loaded with premium features, the EFNOTE 3 has a compact and lightweight design that's perfect for gigging, teaching studios and home use. The space-saving "lambda" rack provides an alternative to bulky stands while keeping all components within easy reach. With a sleek white sparkle finish, this electronic drum set makes an attractive addition to any environment. For natural feel, professional features and quiet operation, the EFNOTE 3 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set is ideal for drummers of all levels.

EFNOTE 3 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set White Sparkle
EFNOTE 3 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set White Sparkle
EFNOTE 3 Acoustic Designed Electronic Drum Set White Sparkle

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Real drum samples and sensitive pads for dynamic performance
  • Fixed hi-hat pedal and lightweight "lambda" rack for easy setup
  • 127 high-quality drum and cymbal sounds with coach functions
  • Built-in 8-channel USB/MIDI interface for recording and triggering software

collapse expand iconSpecs

E-Drum Set Features
  • Tru-Aco Stereo Sampled Sounds: Yes
  • Tuning/Muffling/EQ options for each pad: Yes
  • Virtual Pad function for sound layering: Yes
  • Quick pad level adjustment in mixing window: Yes
  • Multi-Track USB Audio Recording for Mac/PC (ASIO): 8 Channels Micro USB
  • Low Profile Touchscreen: Yes
  • Multi-Track MIDI and USB-MIDI IN/OUT: Yes
  • Flexible I/O Routing with GUI: Yes
  • Individual Click Output: Yes
  • Set List Function for live performance: Yes
  • Training and Analyzing Functions: Yes
  • Internal Record/Playback Function: Yes
  • Metronome with on-board speaker drum interface: Yes
  • Bluetooth Audio Input: Yes
  • Bluetooth MIDI In/Out: Yes
  • MIDI Output (5-pin) on breakout snake: Yes
  • EFNOTE app for IOS and Android (kit customization via Bluetooth): Yes
Set Configuration
  • Snare: 12" 3 Zone with functional cross-stick block
  • Hi Hat Cymbal: 12" Fixed
  • Ride: 16" 3 Zone with 360 choking and triggering
  • Crashes: 2 x 14" with 360 degree choking and triggering
  • Tom pads: 2 x 10" and 1 x 12" with head and rim triggering
  • Kick: 8" Tower with quiet mesh head
  • Stands: Lambda Style included with mounts for all pads and cymbals
Included Components
  • Sound Module: 1x
  • Kick: 1x
  • Snare: 1x
  • Toms: 3x
  • Hi-Hat: 1x
  • Crash Cymbals: 2x
  • Ride Cymbal: 1x
  • Hi-Hat Pedal Remote: 1x
  • Brake-Out Cables: 2x
  • Trigger Cables: 4x
  • Lambda Tripod Stands: 4x
  • * Kick Pedal and Drum Throne NOT included. *

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