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The Dunlop Gator Grip Standard Guitar Picks, now available in .71 mm. Dunlop's legendary picks are a top choice for today's musicians seeking premium tools for their craft. The Gator Grip incorporates quick-release beveled edges and a textured, matte surface, providing both playability and articulate attack. You can unleash their most thrashing solos and power chords without the pick slipping, thanks to Dunlop's proprietary nonslip coating. Don't sacrifice your tone—choose Dunlop Gator Grip picks.

Textured Surface Provides Unparalleled Grip

The Gator Grip's matte, gritty surface creates friction against the strings, allowing for a firm hold during even the most aggressive techniques. You can perform pinch harmonics, string bends, and rapid tremolo picking with confidence in the pick's stability. The textured polymer material provides tack without being sticky, maintaining sensitivity for dynamic and nuanced playing.

Beveled Edges Enable Quick String Release

The Gator Grip's beveled edges allow for a smooth release off each string during rapid alternate picking or strumming. The angled edges reduce drag, enabling the pick to glide cleanly from string to string. Guitarists can fly through intricate passages and rhythm figures without the pick catching on strings. The beveled design also prevents the pick from sticking in position, for unimpeded transitioning between strings.

Premium Materials and Legendary Quality

Like all Dunlop picks, the Gator Grip is constructed from high-quality, durable materials to meet the exacting standards of professional musicians. The .71 mm gauge provides a versatile thickness suitable for most playing styles. The Gator Grip produces a balanced tone with clarity and punch. Dunlop has been manufacturing premium guitar accessories for over 50 years, collaborating with iconic artists to develop innovative tools that meet the needs of musicians worldwide. The Gator Grip continues this legacy of excellence.