The classic Murmux filter has a selectable number of low pass poles, separate outputs for low pass and high pass and features three control faders for Gain, Cutoff and Resonance. Add more gain to change the character of the filter and dial in the cut-off frequency and resonance amount to get the exact sound you want out of your synths. 
  • The classic Murmux Filter designed using LM13700 OTAs
  • Variable input gain
  • Control over Cut Off Frequency, Resonance
  • Cut Off Frequency is 1V/oct sensitive
  • Selectable number of Low Pass Poles
  • Separate Outputs for Low Pass and High Pass
  • Control Voltage over Cut Off and Resonance
  • Current Draw: 35mA (at +12V) / 30mA (at -12V)
  • 12HP