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Dreadbox has only been around a few years, but this team of analog synth hardware developers based in Greece has established a warm welcome in the analog community. One of the finishing touches you may wish to put on your modular system is the Delta Dual Digital Parallel Lo-0Fi Delay. Digital Lo-Fi? Wait, what? Have no fear, the precision of the grain makes sense once you hear it

Delta features two parallel delays, each with its own mix, delay time offset and feedback controls. A master delay time knob in the center gives you fast, hands-on control, while individual wet-only outputs and CV inputs let you modulate delay times. Chorus and flanging is easily managed through the CVs.

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  • Dual Digital Parallel Lo-Fi Delay
  • Wet output for both delays
  • Time modulation for both delays
  • Input: accepts up to 5Vpp inputs
  • Higher inputs will work, but the wet signal will be overdriven
  • CV: accepts +/-5V
  • Time: 15ms – 500ms

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