Denis Wick


Designed in 1968, the Denis Wick DW5504 Straight Mute has set the standard in its category for decades. It has been copied again and again, but the original keeps on selling briskly for its perfection of design, its perfect tuning in all registers and its natural affordability. For years it has given trumpet players exactly what they need in terms of sound, tuning and resistance.

How can you improve on a classic? Call it an improvement if you like, but the limited edition Woodwind & Brasswind Denis Wick Straight Mute is an honor for us, and we are proud to present it here. In every way, it replicates the original, but now it has a striking white finish.

The reason for the success of this Denis Wick mute lies partly in the brilliance of the design and partly in the care and precision of the manufacturing. The design has created a very open mute, bigger than all its predecessors, giving a full sound and avoiding the problem of sharpness of pitch encountered in many trumpet mutes. Other manufacturing techniques produce mutes which are not as hard. DW's hand-crafting produce a mute where the metal is ‘work-hardened’ making it both light and very resonant. This makes it free-blowing and extremely responsive and the choice of the most demanding musicians.

Real cork is used to produce a snug fit in the bell of the instrument. We are proud that this mute is used by thousands of musicians all over the world and yet also represents incredible value. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment a trumpet-player will ever purchase, but is available at an incredibly reasonable price.

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