Stream from Delta Sound Labs is a granular sampler audio effects plug-in for sound design, intricate delays and live performance. Stream is a highly creative audio effect and provides new ways to granulate audio samples and live audio sources with low CPU overhead.Its clean sound separates it from typical spectral or frequency granulators and it's a great way to layer and widen your audio source. Stream also boasts very low latency making it ideal for live performance.

Granular synthesis has been known to take one of two approaches: frequency based or linear (time-based). Contrary to most Granular audio effects on the market,Streamis linear or time-based, and provides new ways to granulize and manipulate samples or live audio sources.
  • Tempo Sync -synchronize the grains with the tempo of your host
  • Low latency -ideal for live performance
  • Auto Record Mode: a new record mode that allows a user to determine the buffer size by toggling the Record button
  • Capture & Overdub -capture an audio excerpt, manipulate the audio, build harmonies and layer disparate audio sources
  • Time stretching/scrubbing
  • Up to 16 granular voices
  • Monophonic MIDI Mode: re-pitch all granular voices at the same pitch and grain length (great for creating pedal points)
  • Polyphonic MIDI Mode: granular voice creation and re-pitching just like a regular VSTi
  • Sample Drag-and-Drop: drag, drop and use any .WAV .AIFF or MP3 with Stream
  • Optimized Sample Interpolation: smooth playback through optimized audio sample smoothing
  • Dedicated Dry and Wet knobs to balance dry and wet audio signals relative to the Mix controls
System Requirements
    Mac OS
    • Recommended: Mojave or Higher (10.14 or above)
    • Minimum: High Sierra 10.13 (this was the earliest OS that was tested in development stages)
    • Minimum and Recommended: Windows 10Stream is available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX format.

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