The Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer Multi-Channel Fuzz effects pedal is a versatile distortion pedal. Are your pedals covered in gaff tape because you’re sick and tired of stage divers messing up your settings? Or maybe you’re the stage diver? Either way, the Waveformer Destroyer lets you set-it-and-forget-it forever (until you change your mind) so your crushing distortion tone is perfect at every gig you play. Instantly flip between hundreds of possible distortion sounds (customizable via four footswitches and eight internal DIP switches) for industrial-grade buzzsaw treble grind, mid-scooped high-gain thrashin’, warm low-gain overdrive, garage-y transistor fuzz or any one of the twisted and distorted sounds within. When you’re ready to change it up, pop off the backplate and start flipping switches to modify the circuit–no soldering experience required.
  • ENGAGE the Waveformer Destroyer to pulverize your sound with massive crunch and sustain
  • BOOST your signal with your choice of treble, bass, full-range, or harmonic boost circuits
  • FILTER the tone, so you only hear what you want to hear. Useful for simulating the “rhythm / lead” settings seen on modern channel-switching amplifiers
  • BLAST your sound beyond the outer reaches of what is considered normal (or sane) with gated fuzzes or gained-up electric rock and roll blowouts

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