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The DV Little 250 is a DV Mark top-selling amp series, as it balances an extremely portable size with huge power, headroom and dynamic.

Greg Howe has been the first joining the DV Little 250 family with his DV Little GH 250. Now this head puts together the incredible power and portability of all the DV Little 250 models with Greg Howe's passion for tube amps.

A 6205 micro tube in the preamp section gives an extra bite and growl to the DV Little GH 250, giving birth to the ultimate Greg Howe music tool.

The Sustainer control on the Lead channel delivers endless sustain and a warmer tone as well.

Two Independent Channels
The DV Little GH 250 Tube features two completely independent channels with separate Gain, Low, Mid, High and Level controls. From super clean tones to warm and punchy rock riffs, this head is an incredibly versatile tool for any guitarist.

Tube-Driven Preamp
Thanks to a 6205 Micro tube in the preamp section, the DV Little GH 250 Tube gives that extra bite to both the Clean and Lead Channels, satisfying any player saying "tubes or nothing!"

Onboard reverb and FX loop
A great sounding Reverb gives a very nice dimension to any sound you can get on the DV Little GH 250 Tube and the FX Loop on the rear panel allows using all your favorite pedals you need to connect after the preamp section.

Sustainer Control
The DV Little GH 250 Tube features a very effective Sustainer control on the Lead Channel, delivering endless sustain for solo parts and increasing tone thickness as well.

MPT Power Amp
A 250 watt MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp makes this ultra portable amp an incredibly loud device that will serve you from your bedroom to any big stage.

Lightweight Construction
If you play a lot or transport your own gear, weight is a real factor. The DV Little GH 250 Tube is incredibly lightweight, only 5.73 lb (2.6 Kg). You can carry your head with its optional knapsack Markworld Bag S and you don't need to remove your amp during your performances as it features double sides zip.
  • Power: 250W
  • Tube: 6205 micro preamp tube
  • Two channels
  • Effects: Reverb
  • FX loop
  • Weight: 5.73 lb (2.6 Kg)

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