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DR Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings

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"If you want the best results, you've got to make it by hand" - this is a philosophy that applies to guitars well enough, so shouldn't we apply it to strings as well? DR thinks so, which is why they stick to traditional hand-winding to deliver craftsmanship that's becoming all too hard to find in the world of strings. When you upgrade to DR Strings acoustic guitar strings, you aren't just doing your instrument a favor... you're doing one for yourself, too. These hand-wound strings are made to perform, with a playing feel and tone that are out of this world. So if you're ready to take your gigs and sessions to the next level, then you've come to the right place. The right set of strings will be the one that suits your instrument as well as your style, and with the huge selection that DR offers, you'll have multiple options that fit the bill. If you want to go traditional, you can do that with standard bronze or phosphor-bronze strings. Or, for those who want to try something special, there are choices like the Zebra Lite Acoustic-Electric Guitar Strings. These feature coils alternating between phosphor bronze and nickel-plated steel, allowing them to pull off a feat once thought impossible: sounding great on electric pickups and acoustic soundboxes alike. Do you want your guitar to look as impressive as it sounds? In that case, check out the DR Strings NEON lineup. They give off a powerful glow under UV light, so you can turn up your stage presence to the maximum. Choose from red, green, blue, pink, white or even the rainbow of the Hi-Def NEON Multi-Color Medium Light Acoustic Guitar Strings. Or, if you're a die-hard patriot looking to pay homage to the star-spangled banner, check out the USA Flag Sets. Of course, since these are DR strings, you can expect them all to deliver tone as outstanding as their looks. So ask yourself what you're looking for in acoustic guitar strings. Something classic and traditional? DR strings have you covered. Eye-catching and unique? They do that, too. Versatile and long-lasting? That's another yes. With DR Strings acoustic guitar strings, there's a fantastic set for any guitarist, no matter what sort of music you play or where you like to play it.