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The D'Addario EJ10 80/20 Bronze Extra Light acoustic guitar strings are constructed from the highest quality 80/20 bronze alloy for strength and tone, these extra light gauge strings are precision wound for a crisp, shimmering tone that cuts through the mix. The nickel-plated steel core provides stability and corrosion resistance while the phosphor bronze alloy windings deliver the warm, balanced tone that has made D'Addario strings famous.

Ultralight Gauge for Effortless Playability

With an ultralight gauge ranging from .010 to .047, the EJ10 strings make playing comfortable and effortless. The lighter tension is ideal for singer songwriters, fingerstyle players and those with smaller hands or less developed calluses. The slinky feel allows for speedy solos, intricate rolls and a dynamic range of articulations.

Bright, Articulate Tone

The EJ10 80/20 Bronze strings are prized for their crisp, shimmering tone that cuts through instrumentally dense mixes. The phosphor bronze alloy produces a focused midrange, sparkling highs and controlled low-end for a tone that projects clearly. Individual notes ring out with bell-like clarity and chords shimmer with harmonic overtones.

Precision Wound for Consistency

D'Addario leverages state of the art, computer-controlled winding to produce strings with unmatched consistency. Each string within a set, and each set within a multi-set, is precision wound to exacting standards, ensuring consistent tone, feel and intonation. This high tech manufacturing process results in strings that sound and play like new for an extended period.

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