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D'Addario Cello Strings

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If you're a cello newcomer who is feeling a bit perplexed due to the seemingly endless range of cello string options, there's an easy way to put your mind at ease and speed up your decision: stick with D'Addario. Not only have D'Addario cello strings remained a go-to choice among pro-level orchestra members and soloists since 1974, but their selection is both impressive and extensive. Whether you prefer the rich, balanced sound of synthetic strings or the jazzy tone and durability of a steel core, D'Addario has the perfect set for you and it's waiting in these pages.

To kick things off, we'll suggest taking a closer look at a string set from D'Addario's Prelude series. These strings are constructed using a solid steel core and are immune to humidity and temperature changes. Prelude strings are extremely popular with music educators and cellists who play with a bow due to their dark tone, staying power and affordability. The D'Addario Prelude Cello String Set is a top seller in this catalog and is available for 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes.

Another great option for cellists to consider is the Helicore Cello String Set. Designed with a multi-stranded steel core, these strings are known for their warm, crystal-clear sound and excellent bow response. Helicores are versatile and a great deal of workmanship goes into each string to ensure they last through countless performances. The Helicore Series Cello String Set is available for every cello size and it'll come as no surprise to you why they're top sellers after you feel and hear them.

And the sets mentioned above are only a sample of what's in store here. Serious cello soloists should also check out Kaplan Cello Strings; a solid and stranded steel core string set that's perfectly matched for the discerning performer. D'Addario cello strings can also be bought individually, and electric cellists also have more than enough sets and strings to browse, so try to spend a bit of time in this section. Armed with D'Addario cello strings, you'll be sure to reach your highest level of musical potential.