D&A Guitar Gear


Convenience + reliability = peace of mind. The Gigstand Electric folds down to pocket size and easily supports your favorite electric guitar, or bass. High-grade ABS lattice reinforced construction design does the trick. Weighing in at about the same as your instrument cable, yet super solid and ready to take on any electric guitar or bass that you have in your collection.

Perfect Portability
Two simple steps and the Icestand Electric fits in the pocket of your gig bag – or your jeans!

Featherweight Champion
20 ounces. That’s all it weighs. 

Insane Strength
A lattice ribbing inner framework and reinforced joints make Icestand Electric so strong it supports many times the weight of any electric guitar or electric bass.

Your Wood Is Safe
All contact points use TPE polymer (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) that never damage your electric guitar or electric bass. Your finish - even nitro - is safe.

No-Slip Grip
No way your instrument ends up broken on the floor with D&A's lined cradle, non-slip system.

Dark or Light
Icestand Electric comes in a black or ice-clear version – whatever suits your instrument the best. Regardless of color, the safety is the same!

Set For Life
D&A has confidence in their products. So, they have your back. For good. Lifetime guarantee. 

  • Clear lattice ribbing and refinforced joints
  • Weighs a mere 20 oz.
  • Soft polymer at all points of contact is safe for use with any finish
  • Can hold any weight electric guitar
  • Two-step folding process for easy transport
  • Compact enough to fit in a gig bag
  • Lifetime gurantee