Reinhold Bogner took the roots of the Helios through a sonic time machine to create a more modern version with the Helios Eclipse 100W tube guitar amp head. Even though they are brothers by sharing the same power amp design, the pre amp circuit and control layout makes them essentially two different amplifiers, each with its own purpose and valid applications.

The Eclipse utilizes up to 6 gain stages which go far beyond 11.

The Eclipse features the same hand-wired construction with three direct accessible channels via the included foot controller. The tube buffered effects loop has been reworked so pedal effects can handle the added gain stages of channel 2 and 3. The two gain channels each have two individual 3 position switches to tailor the gain structure for a variety of tones and feels.
  • Power: 100W (tube)
  • Tubes: EL34 (power amp)
  • Three footswitchable channels
  • Single input
  • Voices: '80s, Eclipse, Eclipse+
  • Footswitchable buffered effects loop with level control

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