Starting a young student on baritone doesn’t have to be so daunting. More beginning school music programs today will consider a Blessing BBH-1287 ¾ 3-valve Baritone for a first-time student because it is easier to play, more manageable to hold, and transport. The ergonomics in design along with the smaller bore and bell allow the student to be successful early in tone production and technique.
  • Standard Series Key of Bb 
  • .504” British Style Small Bore 
  • 8 3/8” Bell Diameter 
  • Rose Brass Lead Pipe with Yellow Brass Body 
  • Yellow Brass; Two-piece Bell 
  • Nickel Silver-plated Yellow Brass Tuning Slide 
  • Stainless Steel Valves with Plastic Finger Buttons 
  • Clear Epoxy Lacquer Finish 
  • Small Shank Receiver with Blessing 6.5AL Mouthpiece 
  • Blessing C-1287BH Nylon-covered Wood Shell Case

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