Overseas Connection


Ivory Coast djembes are world-renowned for their full tonal range and professional-grade quality. Overseas has improved on the standard of these drums in a few key ways to create a higher quality instrument. First, they use thicker, sturdier rings for more durability. Usually, Ivory Coast drums are made using a bottom ring that slips off the step carved in the shell, but Overseas uses a sturdy, thick ring even on the bottom of the bowl. The shell is handcarved to increase the bottom "step" typical of Ivory Coast djembes to accommodate thicker bottom rings so they will won't buckle or slip under pressure.

Additionally, they re-work the bearing edge on every drum to make sure it is level, round, and perfectly smooth. The goatskin heads are each thicker and hand-selected from the Yesrthern part of the country. A European 2-part polyester rope is used for tuning and an extra coat of shea butter is applied on all the drums to help preserve the wood.

Please note: rope color and carving styles may vary.

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