Istanbul Agop


As the final project of the late master cymbalsmith Agop Tomurcuk, the Instanbul Agop Signature cymbal series will forever stand as a tribute to one of the true icons of handmade cymbal craftsmanship. Born in Istanbul and trained in the ancient alchemic art of Turkish cymbal making from the tender age of 9, Agop lived a long life of tireless dedication to handmade craftsmanship and innovation. He kept a small notebook with a lifetime of cymbal-making secrets and ideas for a future series that might bring all that experience together. Instanbul Agop Signature cymbals are made to those precise specifications, creating a lasting imprint from one of the most influential cymbalmakers of the past century.

In keeping with other cymbals in this series, the Agop Signature hi-hats are extremely dry and dark, with a crisp chick sound.
  • Handmade signature hi-hat cymbals with a dry, dark sound
  • Crafted from the notebook of master cymbalmaker Agop Tomurcuk
  • Finished in a dirty, raw style with unlathed bell
  • Crafted for a crisp and clear "chick" sound

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