Denis Wick


A revolutionary idea, using as its basis 19th century models with a thin-walled cup nearest to the rim. Modern CNC technology has further reduced the wall thickness to 1.2 mm. To this is added a modern idea; greater metal mass at the bottom of the cup. The result is a rich sound, with a scintillating upper overtone structure, incredible responsiveness in playing and a much easier high register. This is a powerful mouthpiece but is also highly responsive. The elegant gold-plating of rim and cup combined with the silver-plated body make this model look as good as it sounds. Available in a wide variety of sizes. Select from dropdown menu.
  • Available sizes: 1L, 1XL, 2.5CC, 2L, 2SL, 2XL, 3L, 3SL, 3XL, 4L, 5L
  • Model Number: L models fit modern style mouthpiece receivers, especially German made tubas. 2.5CC mouthpiece is designed for use on European shank BBb and CC tubas.
  • Finish: Silver plate
  • 1L: 32.5mm cup diameter; 8.43mm throat. Especially for large tubas. Enormous volume and range; needs strong embouchure.
  • 1XL: 32.5mm cup diameter; 8.43mm throat. Wider, rounded rim for large tubas. Great volume and range.
  • 2.5CC: 32mm cup diameter; 8.6mm throat. Medium-large Helleberg-type mouthpiece. Great intonation on CC tubas due to careful attention to backbore design.
  • 2L: 32mm cup diameter; 8.45mm throat: Large funnel-shape Helleberg cup. Clean and clear sound in all registers
  • 2SL: 32mm cup diameter; 7.65mm throat: Funnel-shape Helleberg cup with clear sound with good projection in all registers.
  • 2XL: 32mm cup diameter; 8.45mm throat: Wider, rounded rim for player comfort during extended periods. Works well for soft, articulated passages.
  • 3L: 31.25mm cup diameter; 8.78mm throat. Deep, well-rounded cup plus huge throat and backbore for rich, organ-like tone.
  • 3SL: 31.25mm cup diameter; 7.62mm throat. Soloist model with brilliant tone and high register. Great for F tuba work.
  • 3XL: 31.25mm cup diameter; 8.78mm throat. Wide, round rim for additional player comfort. Works well for F tuba.
  • 4L: 30.5mm cup diameter; 8.27mm throat. Excellent choice for younger players. Good projection with less effort.
  • 5L: 30mm cup diameter; 7.89mm throat. Deep cup and matching backbore for compact sound. Good choice for F and Eb tubas.

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