The Alvarez Artist Elite AGM660CEAR acoustic-electric guitar is a beautifully developed Grand Auditorium six-string with a sophisticated natural vibe due to its all-mahogany construction, natural finish and ebony binding that flows perfectly into the ebony bevel armrest. Its solid African mahogany top and mahogany back and sides create a full open tone with lots of warmth and strong middle frequencies, making this guitar a superb all-rounder with great versatility for all types of music.

Artist Elite Series
In conceptualizing the Artist Elite series, Alvarez's goal was simple: "Produce a collection of guitars beyond comparison."

This Artist Elite line of guitars is the culmination of years of research and development that allowed the Alvarez team to produce custom-style instruments from amazing tonewoods with a truly radiant vibe. Artist Elite guitars look great, sound rich and offer a level of fit and finish rarely attainable at such price points.

After 50 years of making guitars, continual improvement through the use of emerging technologies, processes, and materials is still at the heart of Alvarez's culture. Alvarez guitars are constructed correctly in every sense from raw material preparation to construction and manufacturing processes. Their tonewoods are carefully cured; their components such as neck blocks and wood joints are carefully designed. The painting, sanding and polishing techniques they use are continually researched and developed, and their tone is impeccably crafted and married to a stable, designed and lively sound box.

The term "solid top" of course refers to the soundboard of an acoustic guitar being made of solid wood, rather than being laminated. However, just because the top is solid, it does not necessarily mean the sound automatically benefits from this feature. The tone of the instrument only improves significantly when the whole guitar is built correctly to optimize the energy a solid soundboard can generate. The Alvarez Artist Series is built to do exactly this.

Each model is designed to get the best out of its components, and for them to work together to produce balance, lively projection and great response. These components include bracing architecture that is specifically designed for each body shape or tonal requirement. Their Bi-level bridge is designed to heighten string tension and improve sustain and response. Real bone nut and saddle, premium tonewoods and Alvarez's crafted attenuated finish all further the quality of construction and positively impact the performance of the instrument.

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