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Blackstar ID:60H 60W Programable Guitar Head with Effects Black

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Product Description:

The ID:60H is a 60-watt programmable head version of the ID:60 combo, with the same great features in a classic head format.The ID: Series represents the culmination of more than seven years technical... Click To Read More About This Product

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Price: $399.99
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The ID:60H is a 60-watt programmable head version of the ID:60 combo, with the same great features in a classic head format.

The ID: Series represents the culmination of more than seven years technical research and development by the same team that designed Series One, Artisan and HT Venue. The unique controls allow you to custom design your own sound, store it and then have the confidence that the amp will perform in a live environment.

By using the unique Voice control, patented ISF and patent-applied-for True Valve Power, these amplifiers allow unparalleled flexibility and ease of use, enabling you to in effect, design the sound in your head and deliver it live as LOUD as valve. Individuality is power!


True Valve Power offers six distinctly different power valve responses - EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, KT88
¢ EL84 - Bell like full bodied Class A with lots of compression
¢ 6V6 - Crisp Class A with high compression and tight mids
¢ EL34 - Classic British Class A/B crunch with full bodied soft break up
¢ KT66 - Rich and warm vintage British hot biased Class A/B
¢ 6L6 - Tight dynamic Class A/B with extended highs and lows
¢ KT88 - Tight, bold and dynamic Class A/B with strong low end
EQ with patented ISF: The patented ISF control works with the Bass and Treble controls to give you access to infinite new sound possibilities from the USA to the UK and everywhere in-between, allowing you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings
Voices: The unique Voice control has six different channels - Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1, OD 2, which when used together with Blackstar's patented ISF control, you can get the exact tone you're thinking of
GUI Software: GUI for deep editing and storing of patches is simple using the supplied Blackstar GUI software. Patches can be shared, uploaded and downloaded via our online community. The USB connector also allows you to record your amp directly to your computer or to re-amp guitar tracks. The audio section allows you to play along to your MP3s, plus you can loop and time stretch sections for phrase training
Multi effects: The effects section delivers studio-quality modulation, delay and reverb effects (four each, based on classic and boutique effects) simultaneously that you can store with your sound
128 user storable sounds: There are 12 patches which are accessible from the front of the amp
Manual mode: The sound you hear will reflect the current physical position of the knobs so you can find the sound you are looking for and then store it for future use
USB connectivity: Plug the amp in to a mac or PC with the USB connection and you'll be able to edit patches, record and re-amp audio and much more via the GUI
Speaker emulated output: This amp has a fully specified speaker emulated output which further enhances the studio credentials and allows any guitarist to get amazing valve tone straight to tape or disk, or through headphones
Built-in tuner: Allows you to tune your guitar through the amp, with LEDs that indicate if the note that is being played is in tune, sharp or flat
MIDI input: This amp offers the ability to recall Patches via MIDI Program Change messages, and to dynamically modify Patch values via MIDI Control Change messages
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BlackstarID:60H 60W Programable Guitar Head with Effects

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One fine amp

By Timothy

from Northern Illinois

Comments about Blackstar ID:60H 60W Programable Guitar Head with Effects:

First, I really like my tube amps. They all bring something unique to the table. They all sound great to fantastic (current batch, Rivera Chubster 55, Marshall DSL, Ampeg GVT15h, Blackstar HT-1RH). I love the tone, feel, sag etc of a good tube amp. I have also always liked the idea and promise of SS amps, their versatility, low maintenance, low volume tone. But, to date, I've always not liked something about each I have tried, too thin, or sterile, or shrill, something. Since, I can't justify Axe FX or Kemper money, I thought that was it for me. Then Blackstar announced its ID:TVP series. SS yes, but not a modeler, but also programmable. More an emulator of amp circuits, or parts and an output tube emulator. Not modeling actual amp/cab tones. I liked the concept. I even got to try a 30w combo. I finally found the right deal on the 60 watt head. . First, let me say, of the vids out there, most do not come close to doing this amp justice. More than most amps, a lot of the vids on this are not nearly as good as the amp sounds in person. Granted, I feel I have a pretty darn good cab (4x12 Avatar with Celestion G12H30s and WGS Veteran 30 copies). But still. Take the best out there, and think better Without TVP engaged, the amp is a decent SS amp with good eq, real good fx and 6 voices. It ranks, again without the TVP as one of the better/best SS amps I have tried or heard. Suffers from several things I don't like about SS amps and modelers I have tried. However, WITH TVP engaged, it's a whole different amp. I think it's switchable just to show how good it is. I will say, it really does feel like playing a tube amp. Responds to pick attack, vol roll-off, you name it, like a tube amp. It's really quite impressive in this regard. Worked with all of my pedals, and responded to them much like a tube amp would. Putting an OD pedal in front, and you get the same effect you would expect from a valve amp. You can REALLY hear and feel the difference in the different tube emulations when getting dirty. But, I could also hear and feel it when running the amp clean. I'm no expert on some of the different tube types in real life (have had EL84, 6V6, 6L6 and EL34). But, they do sound, and more importantly react and respond differently. With the 6 preamp, and 6 tube/output, that's 36 different tonal combos. OOB, you can get some really good tones. I specially like the Warm Clean and Super Crunch preamps. Clean tones are warm, clean, responsive, great clarity, string separation, very tube like. Sure, my Rivera clean tones are better. But then, well, its a Rivera. But these are very good. Dirt/distortion tones, unaided, are the best SS dirt tones, I have heard or tried. Take that for what it is worth. But, I like them better than several all tube amps I have tried or owned (Peavey Classic 30 and older Valve king, 5150, Carvin, Kustom), It is by far better, more responsive, better feel, organic dirt/distortion than any SS or modeler I have tried (and that does NOT include an Axe FX or Kemper). But, it also ranks up there with quite a few tube amps in my opinion. VERY responsive dirt, organic, and again tube like. None of the downfalls I usually find in SS or modeling dirt tones (shrillness, mechanicalness, sterileness, harshness, non organic). Well, some shrillness can be had, if you try. But then I can do that with a tube amp as well. The FX are really good sounding. As good a digital version as I have heard on an amp. They sound to me to be as if between the preamp and output. Overall quality is top notch, wood, pot feel, switch feel, finish, etc. Can take being gig'ed, no issue. Overall Is it as good as a tube amp? I give it a qualified yes. It is the most un SS like SS amp I have come across. It sounds very good, very tube-like and responsive. Feels like playing a tube amp. You have to try and make it sound like a SS amp. Higher priced tube amps are going to sound better. But live, over a PA, I doubt many in the audience could tell a difference at all. You might, but they won't. IF you want something to provide a lot of versatile, good tones, that are easy to bring up (like in a studio) without having a lot of different amps, this is perfect. If your not sure what you want in a tube amp, again, great choice here. If you KNOW what you want, and don't mind some fiddling, then you have something here at a good price. Not perfect, but Blackstar did a darn fine job here. I rate it at 5 stars compared to other SS/modelers. If you could give partials, I'd rate it as just an amp, tube, whatever, which would be a 4.3 to 4.5

(12 of 12 customers found this review helpful)


Very Special Head

By John Marzich

from arroyo grande, ca

Comments about Blackstar ID:60H 60W Programable Guitar Head with Effects:

This is as always very subjective review. I compared it to a Bogner, tubemeister 18, mesa ta-15 all plugged into a marshall half stack. Also compared to a fender mustang IV for a solid state comparison. As far as solid stae amps go this head has more dynamic range and does show the burst of tube amplitude unlike typical solid state amps. Does it sound totally like a tube but does it sound close and alive. Yes. For 60 watts the thing is so dynamic with the TVP function that it would challenge other 100 watts amps with ease. A ton of tones can be had on this also. When you have to replace tube average once to twice a year this is easy to live/gig with and unless gary moore or yngwie etc would suspect with eyes closed you could fool most people with ease. Not too heavy and seems to be made well. The different tube outputs are incredible for all the variety they offer and the accurate compression shown on the lower power tubes. This is a great deal for 500.00. Takes pedals well also...

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Very Nice Head

By Hagenater

from McGregor MN

About Me Experienced


  • Easy To Use
  • Excellent Sound
  • Good Warmth
  • Portable
  • Powerful


    Best Uses

    • Amateur Recording
    • Events
    • Home Studio
    • Performances

    Comments about Blackstar ID:60H 60W Programable Guitar Head with Effects:

    I am a weekend touring musician who is always looking for a better way of hauling my gear. I have used my JCM 800 head for a few years, then my JVM 410 head and I got tired of bringing the gear into shops to fix the tubes, replace parts, etc.

    When I heard of Blackstar having an amp that "emulates" tubes I thought I would give them a shot and HOLY they nailed it. I don't use much effects, mainly a clean and distortion guy and the ID60 was perfect for my needs.

    Storing the sounds is simple (when you read the manual). I had a hard time at first due to the demo mode it was set in.

    Anyway, I've been using this head for a year and a half now and love it. I don't plan on taking my M Brand out of the studio anytime soon.

    (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


    One Pretty Decent Head

    By Guy who plays 5 instruments who is young

    from Somewhere, NJ

    About Me Experienced

    See all my reviews


    • Easy To Use
    • Good Warmth
    • Portable


      Best Uses

      • Amateur Recording
      • Band Practice
      • Events
      • Home Studio
      • Performances

      Comments about Blackstar ID:60H 60W Programable Guitar Head with Effects:

      At first when this arrived with my egnater vengeance cab, I was extremely hyped up and what not. So I plugged it in and ran my mxr full bore metal pedal, an mxr EQ, and that was it at the time back in 2016 Christmas. Thing sounded great! Also another good feature is that it doesn't weigh 50 pounds. You can without hassle move it around. Now, for sound. You could really hear the bite and distortion coming off the pedal ( too bad it doesn't have an fx line in and out ) and a fullfilling amount of warmth with the TVP on and at 6L6 setting. Without distortion... my gosh it is so warm I think its better sounding than a tube. I'd say a 10/10 on cleans and 7.5/10 for distortion and 8/10 on versatility for the tube emulation. It's not completely like a tube but it's close. I'd say 75% like a tube amp. This amp ( with the ibanez tube screamer ) plays classic hard rock great. You get that crunch you want to hear perfectly. Now, to August 2017. Working alongside the egnater vengeance cabinet is a great matchup. Would this be my main amp? Maybe... but this is the best backup head you can have. So I recommend this for those tube lovers who are finding a backup solid state head.

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