Blackbird Pedalboards


The Alchemy series is the perfect combination of design, aesthetics and functionality to create a truly golden pedalboard. The 1530 Alchemy pedalboard is a tray board at heart but with features that make it unlike any other. The 15×30 pedalboard will feature a 24″ angled riser that can be installed on the left or right hand side of the board with just 4 screws. Choose which side you want the riser and the brackets have holes with threaded inserts to lock it in place. If you prefer a totally flat board, you can also choose to completely remove the riser. You can also the riser by itself as a separate mini board by installing the optional rubber feet.

Both sides of the riser have 2 openings to hold a D series panel mount jack for a total of 4 inputs and outputs. We recommend using our new Pro-Line soldered 1/4″ jacks which feature a low profile Blackbird plug. You can also use any of our solderless jacks such as XLR, USB or MIDI.

The Alchemy boards come in 3 powder coated finishes; Black, White or Seafoam. The boards also feature a smooth black ABS top that adheres perfectly to the included 3M Dual Lock fastener.

The boards will also include a fully live-in ATA case with wheels for easy transport. Simply set the case down, lift off the top, plug in and start playing. These boards were designed to for the road and can hold up to the abuse of constant gigging.
  • 15×30 size with 24″ angled riser
  • Choice of color; Black, White or Seafoam
  • 4 openings for jacks: We recommend our Pro-Line 1/4″ Jacks
  • 6 foot roll of 3M Dual Lock
  • Includes live in ATA case with Wheels