Black Label


Ships by freight truck, continental US only. Select style to indicate delivery with lift gate or loading dock. Professional "white-out effect " formula with highest percentage of active ingredient for Black Label. Produces initial white-out burst that disperses into extra-long hang time haze effect. Maximizes output from professional water based fog machines, uses less fluid to generate high density effect in venue. Glycerin Free. Black Label fog and haze fluids provide a variety of high-impact effects for your next party, light show, stage production, band gig or haunted house. Black Label's formulas are optimized to ensure your effects are consistently bold, vibrant and safe. These formulas use certified U.S. Pharmacopeial-grade active ingredients for superb consistency and reliability. Whether you’re producing a dense wall of fog or low-lying, eerie ground effects, Black Label's competitively priced fog and haze juices have you covered.


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